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Tunisia: The will of the masses has supreme legitimacy – The popular uprising of July 25 is a step forward

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by PPDS-Tunisia), October 2021


Let’s continue revolutionary struggle towards patriotic democratic revolution and Socialism.

Following the people’s uprising that has swept all the regions and areas on 25th of July 2021 reflecting Tunisia oppressed classes outrage on decades of tyranny , corruption , loss of individual and patriotic dignity, and denouncing the gloomy decade of reactionary proxy imperialist “Al-Nahdha” reign and their kidnapping of the revolutionary process.

The uprising of the masses pushed the President Saeid to hear its thunder and to concretize it into daring political decisions that are mainly about dissolving the Parliament, suspending the parliamentary immunity of its members, dismissing the government, and taking over the executive branch and the responsibilities of Public Prosecution, etc.,

On 22nd of September more decisions were taken to put an end to the reign of islamists .

ICOR is thereby proud of the Tunisian people which continues to act revolutionarily against the oppressors and the reactionary regime. And,

  • Confirms its high salutations of this mass popular offensive and uprising against the stratum of corruption, reactionary and proxy pro imperialist regime,

  • Considers the decisions taken in 25th of July and 22nd of September 2021 are very important and can be considered as a step forward since it puts an end to the gloomy decade of the reign of Islamists.


However, ICOR calls for more courageous political, economic and social measures mainly:

- the truth behind the assassination of comrades martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi.

- Protecting individual and collective liberties.

- Boycotting IMF, World Bank and the donors dictates, suspending the payment of debts which suffocate the Tunisian economy and build a new independent model of economic and social development for Tunisia and Tunisians

- ICOR cautions Tunisian revolting masses and revolutionary parties from the illusions and calls them to be vigilant and be ready to struggle against the president Saeid once he turns against the people and to continue their revolutionary and emancipation tasks and struggle in the path of patriotic democratic revolution to destroy the reactionary regime towards building socialism.

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