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We salute the solidarity of ICOR against the attacks!

PKK Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (Kurdistan Workers' Party), January/24/2021


The PKK Foreign Relations Committee stated in a written statement: "Dozens of communist and socialist parties and movements in many countries of the world have published a joint statement condemning the policy of attacks against the PKK and the preparations for war against our movement and our people, especially in Southern Kurdistan. The ICOR, which unites these movements and parties, declared in the same statement that it is in solidarity with the PKK and stands by our side. We think it is very important to show this solidarity at a time when many political forces, especially the Turkish state, are attacking our party. We welcome the solidarity of these parties that have gathered under the umbrella of ICOR. We find this solidarity very valuable and would like to emphasize that our party will give importance to the necessity of this solidarity in its struggle.There are attempts to update the plot against the leader Apo of 1999 to liquidate our freedom movement. The Turkish state is especially trying to push these attacks. For this purpose, the Turkish state wants to involve Kurdish collaborators as well as the US-led NATO against our freedom movement. The KDP's plan to besiege the guerrilla areas in 2020 is no different from the policy of the United States, which promised a reward for the capture and killing of the leadership of our movement on November 6, 2018. Undoubtedly, it is clear that such a plot and liquidation plan will harm all Kurds.Many Kurdish organizations reject such a policy against the PKK which will harm all Kurds. And undoubtedly, the attack on our party and the freedom struggle that we are waging is not only an attack on all democratic forces in the Middle East, but also an attack on the democracy and freedom forces of the world, of which the PKK is an important part. In this regard, it is a very important revolutionary democratic stance that the revolutionary democratic forces under the umbrella of ICOR oppose the attack on our movement. On the other hand, it is very important that the consciousness and the attitude was represented in the declaration that the most harmful thing for the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom is the incitement of one Kurdish force against another Kurdish force. The attitude of ICOR towards strategies and plans that weaken the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people also means that we care about the unity of the Kurds and the development of solidarity and common struggle between revolutionary movements. We emphasize that we will continue to defend this position and wish all parties that have signed the joint resolution under the umbrella of ICOR success in their struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism."


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