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Contribution of CPSA(ML), South Africa to ICOR webinar



The Imperialist Powers must be blamed for the out-break of corona pandemic which kills more than 4.1 million people world-wide eversince the out-break in 2019 until the report of July 2021 and in South Africa alone the death toll by the corona pandemic is more than 68.625 people including the July 2021 report.The total cases of corona pandemic in South Africa from its out-break until the the beginning of July 2021 is 207084 and this virus is increasing in the Gauteng province with the total infections of more than 588,009 and the Western Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal provinces are also hard-hit by this virus and the total infections so far for each province is more than 300.000. The vaccine rollout is very slow in South Africa only about 230 686 people vaccinated out of 59 million people.

The WHO announcement that the corona virus is not man- made is not true, the corona virus is man-made. The imperialist powers are also responsible for the out-break of many viruses which killed millions of people world-wide, among those viruses is H.I.V./ AIDS virus which killed more than twenty-two million people world-wide and the people are dying even today by H.I.V. /AIDS pandemic and there are still many people who are infected by this virus. The people of the Southern African region are the most infected in the world by H.I.V. and/AIDS pandemic.

Any effort made by other Scientists, such as Professor J. Segal through their project called, “ New Direction,” which was intended to produce the Anti-P24 in order to cure the H.I.V. /AIDS pandemic was rejected by the imperialist regime led by US imperialism. It was not a mistake for the imperialist powers to block any effort that can produce the cure for H.I.V /AIDS virus because their big pharmaceutical companies are benefiting a lot of profits from the out-break of these viruses. The third world-countries are most financially and economically disadvantaged by the out-break of these viruses, as it is the case now of the corona pandemic out-break. For instance, the imperialist companies, such as Pfizer, BioNtech, Modern, Sino pharm and others reported in 2020 that they will produce more than 1.3 billion doses for the whole world in 2021, but not for free, it is through the exploitation of the poor nations. It was also reported in 2020 that Pfizer, BioNtech and Modern's efficacy was 95% and Sino pharm and Astra Zeneca's efficacy was 70%.

The most vulnerable people to these viruses are the international working class and the poor peasants. They are the main target and the imperialist regime is doing all at its disposal in destroying the international working class movement because it is a threat for its own existence.



There is also a question of geo-politics in the supply of these vaccines, some poor countries which are not imperialist allies or puppets are suffering now, it is not easy for them to get these vaccines and there are many people of those countries who are dying every hour because of the lack of corona vaccine.In South Africa, the poor masses are the most infected by the corona virus because they do not have the infrastructure that can minimize the fast spreading of this corona virus.

The majority of people are belonging to the working class and poor peasants and they are overcrowded where they live. The question of social-distance is something in words, but not indeed because of their overcrowded situation.

The bad social-conditions push them to the situation of being exposed to the corona virus. These people are using public transport with full capacity of commuters. In the rural areas there is no clean water at all, the peasants are drinking dirty water together with animals. The poor people do not have access to clean running water and healthy food, this is the main reason for these people to become vulnerable so easy to the corona virus. During the first production of J and J vaccine, the South African government was making a big noise about Johnson and Johnson 30 million doses and the Aspen pharmacare, the American imperialist company based in South Africa that it will produce 31 million doses for the South Africans. The US imperialist company, Johns and Johnson, reported that, in 2020 it will produce 220 million doses for the African Continent, it was clear that the African countries will pay a lot of money for the purchase of Johnson and Johnson vaccine but now the most of the pharmaceutical companies are benefiting a lot of profits from the third world countries.

The producers of J and J vaccine claimed in 2020 that their vaccine was 66.3 efficacy and one can see that there is a high competition among the big pharmaceutical companies which are producing the corona vaccines for the world market domination. Although J and J claimed that its vaccine was 66.3 efficancy late it was discouvered that its vaccine contained the blood clots and that problem affected its plant in Port Elizabeth where the J and J vaccine is produced.

Each imperialist country uses the corona vaccine for its own political influence in order to win over other poor countries on its side. The correct approach to get a vaccine that can cure the corona virus free from side effects and with 100% efficacy, This is when all the scientists of the world combine their scientific researches in order to conquer the corona virus completely.

The workers on the other hand are most suffered by the out-break of corona virus, about 1.6 billion workers lost their jobs world-wide and in South Africa more than 12 million workers have lost their jobs.The employers are so delighted because they are making a lot of profits with few workers in the production lines eversince the out-break of corona virus.



It is the time now for the revolutionaries to think on what is to be done to overcome this situation. Socialism is the answer to rectify this situation. The international working class must demand that all countries must have access to these vaccines without pay.

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