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Who to blame for the out-break of corona pandemic!!

from Intlantsi, the publication of the CPSA(M-L), 11 January 2021

The imperialist powers are responsible for dying of millions of people world - wide. More than 1.32 million people died world-wide because of corona-virus. The imperialist world system is the main cause of the out - break of many pandemics which kill millions of people among others is the H.I.V. and Aids virus which kills more than twenty-two million people world-wide and even now the poor people are still dying. Without the imperialist world system there shall be no loss of poor people lives like this. This happens after the announcement of imperialist media that the world is overpopulated more than the global wealth. The statement made by WHO that the corona -virus is not man made is just a camouflage as the imperialists know that the corona -virus is man-made. This is directed against the international working class as it is the case even now that the international working class and the poor peasants are the ones who are dying in big numbers.The poor people are vulnerable to corona-virus because they do not have infrastructure to prevent the fast spreading of the virus. These people are overcrowded where they live. Some are living in the shacks and they are using the public transport to travel which is overcrowded. The social-distance is something that one can not think of in this situation. Hospitals do not have the capacity to admit the big number of infected people and it is worse in those hospitals which are in the rural areas where there is a lack of good infrastructure to deal with this situation. The corrupt South African government officials are now getting an opportunity of squandering the public funds.For too long the bourgeois scientists did not get scientific solution to solve this problem of corona-virus until the big pharmaceutical corporations announced that they now acquire several vaccines which need for the approval of the treatment. We stick to Icor position that vaccines are for humanity not for pharmaceutical corporations to make huge profits out of exploiting poor nations. All countries and people must get access to the vaccines.


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