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Women Break Their Chains on March 8

MLKP, Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey/Kurdistan, 8 March 2021


Women in Istanbul kicked off the March 8 actions on March 6 with a demonstration in Kadıköy under the title "We will win freedom". Hundreds of women defied the police and gathered for the big women's meeting in front of the Osmanağa Mosque shouting slogans such as "The world will be turns upside down when women become free", "We don't want a women's university". The HDK and HDP Women's Councils, Socialist Women's Councils (SKM), Free Young Woman (ÖGK), Women's Liberation, Alınteri, Emekçi Kadınlar, Kırkyama, Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA), Anarchist Women, New Democratic Woman, Circassian Women's Movement Almastı, Kaldıraç, Demir Leblebi, FeminAnfi, Campus Witches, Progressive Women, New Women's World, Democratic
Women Movement and EMEP women participated in the action.
The state hatred towards LGBTI+ was also visible at this demonstration when the police prevented transwomen with rainbow flags from participating in the demonstration. The transwomen stated at the demonstration, "As LGBTI+ activists who exist in all parts of life and fight against any authority of hate, we do not accept bans. We are here, get used to us, because we won’t leave!" After the demonstration, nine LGBTI+ activists were taken into custody and released under reporting conditions. Two were placed under house arrest.
On March 8, thousands of women gathered for a demonstration on Sıraselviler Street and made their way to Taksim Square, which was blocked by police. At the enthusiastic demonstration, slogans were shouted such as, "We do not leave the nights, nor the squares," "No men's justice, but real justice", "Jin, jiyan, azadî", "We are not silent, we are not afraid, we do not obey", "Tayyip, flee, women are coming", "Defy the state, long live life," and "Women are together strong." The front banner read "The feminist uprising is everywhere". Female students carried the Boğaziçi resistance into the demonstration with the slogans "The forced administrators will leave, we will stay" and carried a banner that read "Boğaziçi resists". Pictures of imprisoned women were held at the demonstration, most notably those of the imprisoned HDP deputies.
Numerous banners carried inscriptions such as "We will set this city on fire," "We will make the roofs we are locked under collapse on you", "The Istanbul Convention protects lives", "Don't arrest me, arrest my murderer", "Women are everywhere", and "Trans rights are human rights." Numerous LGBTI+ participated in the demonstration with rainbow flags.
Special attention was paid to three revolutionary women who were under house arrest and ended it independently despite the threat of arrest. They took off their electronic shackles at the demonstration and declared that no force could keep them off the streets and called for resistance.
During the demonstration, where Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic speeches were held, the police attacked a group of women and took two women into custody. Police also closed off the demonstration route to Karaköy İskelesi, and prolonged confrontations ensued.
In the capital Ankara, women filled Sakarya Square. Police tried in vain to stop the women from attending the 15th night demonstration and harassed mainly transwomen. Banners read "This patriarchy will be destroyed". In Batıkent, women met as early as March 7 to mobilize for the next day's demonstration.
Another large demonstration was organized by the Women's Alliance in Izmir. On March 6, there was an action by women in Izmir initiated by the platform "Women are together strong". A dance performance called "Stand up" was performed. A vocal demonstration followed on March 8 itself.
In Trabzon, the Democratic Women's Platform organized an action under the title "We have something to say against violence, unemployment and poverty. We have the power to change them" in Meydan Park.
In Adana, a March 8 rally was held at Uğur Mumcu Square. Despite a ban of flags and posters with rainbow colors women and LGBTI+ held them up during the demonstration.  
The Women's Platform in Çorum organized a demonstration with the call "Let's build a free society with our organized struggle". In Konya, the trade union federation KESK called for a demonstration, as well as in Düzce. In Hatay, an action took place in Abdullah Cömert Square.
In Mersin, there was an enthusiastic demonstration that ran to Özgecan Aslan Peace Square. The women said "Self-defense is our right to life". The Women's Alliance in Tarsus held a press statement saying that despite all the repression, women will never give up their rights. The women's alliances of Iskenderun and Bursa called for demonstrations. In Osmaniye, there was a March 8 celebration at the HDP building.
In Zonguldak, women gathered at Çaycuma Republic Square under the call of the Eğitim-Sen union. In Artvin Hopa, women gathered demanding the implementation of the Istanbul Convention. There were other 8 March actions in Bartın, Kütahya, Eskişehir, Kocaeli, Antalya, Sakarya, Balıkesir, Aydın, Manisa, Samsun Muğla'nın and Kayseri.
Thousands of women in traditional dresses also took to the streets in Kurdistan. At the forefront of the actions in Northern Kurdistan was the demand "We defend life against feminicide and our freedom against isolation". The rally in Diyarbakir, initiated by the women's alliance Dicle, was attended by SKM, TJA, ÖGK, HDP, the women's association Rosa, the trade union and professional associations DISK, TMMOB, ÖHD and women of TIP.
There were also large rallies in Mardin, Van, Ağrı, Kars, Antep, Adıyaman, Iğdır, Malatya, Urfa, Dersim, Şırnak and Hakkâri. Under the pretext of pandemic, numerous women were denied participation in the rallies by the police. In Antep, there was a celebration on March 5 at the HDP building. Despite a ban on the March 8 action in Batman, the police could not stop the demonstration. Women marched to the HDP building applauding and shouting "Woman is life. We are not afraid of you, we do not bow down". In Mardin Artuklu, the action initiated by the HDP and TJA was prevented by the police, after which a press statement was held in front of the HDP building.


















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