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Youth organizations! Join the International Youth against Imperialism and Fascism

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by MLPD-Germany, PPDS-Tunisia), October 2021


Dear comrades,

Referring to Lenin's words «Who owns the youth, owns the future, and we are the future party», believing in the role of the youth in supporting proletarian movements and empowering organizational and mass work of revolutionary parties,

we hereby...

1) ... inform you about the foundation of the International Youth against Imperialism and Fascism in 2020. Four youth organizations within the ICOR took the initiative to bring together the progressive youth organizations from all over the world in order to strengthen the struggles of the youth all over the world against imperialism and fascism. It aims also at organizing an educational campaign against imperialism under the youth. It is open to revolutionary and progressive youth organizations outside of ICOR, too.

2) … propose to you to invite your youth organizations to participate and to promote the youth alliance within local progressive and/or revolutionary youth organizations and invite them to join the youth alliance and build the Anti-imperialist and Antifascist Unified Front.

We are organizing webinars on various topics and work on strengthening the cooperation and exchange of experiences between the youth of the world. The current situation of the youth in all over the world especially after the crisis of the corona virus imposes the necessity to establish a strong and popular international youth organization more than ever.

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