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8 March 2022 – Struggle for the Liberation of Women and Onward to the 3rd World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women!

ICOR resolution, 04 March 2022


Worldwide, the broad mass of women has to struggle with the devastating consequences of the Corona pandemic and the world economic and financial crisis and imperialist wars. Violence, hunger, environmental catastrophes, war and oppression drive masses of people into flight and destroy families. Everywhere in the world where mass struggles, uprisings or important strikes are presently developing, they are mostly due to the burden of capitalist economic crises, which are carried by the masses and make life unaffordable for the working masses. The international rightward development of capitalist and reactionary governments and forces goes hand in hand with attacks upon women's rights that were gained in struggle and with their increased oppression. In to the struggle against this, the international militant women's movement is growing. It positions itself in society as a whole and has enlivened the struggles of the masses. In many countries mass movements have arisen against violence against women, physical, or psychological and sexual, and against feminicide and for the right of self-determination over their bodies and their lives. Women workers and employees are struggling for higher and equal wages and better working conditions.

The international women's movement faces great historical challenges!

In 1910 communists such as Clara Zetkin took the initiative and united women workers, peasants and the mass of women in the struggle against exploitation, oppression and imperialist wars. With the support of revolutionary parties, 8 March became the worldwide joint day of struggle of the militant and revolutionary women's and working-class movement. Today, the ICOR, as proud heir of the socialist women pioneers, carries the banner of the liberation of women with the perspective of socialism!

It was decisively the women who took the lead for the ending of World War I and demanded a different system. They went on strike and walked from factory to factory, throwing sticks, stones and snowballs at factory windows and making their way to workplaces. March 8 this year will march with the demand to end the imperialist war immediately. We will not be harnessed to any cart of the imperialist warmongers.

Today, women's struggle for their liberation and equal rights is becoming more and more an integral part of the class and liberation struggle against exploitation, oppression, imperialist rule and wars. The upswing of the international militant women's movement did not remain concealed from those in power. For some years, therefore, the governments of many countries have been making concessions or promoting pseudo-radical feminist currents to divert attention from capitalism as the root cause of women's oppression. March 8 is fiercely contested internationally: is it the international day of struggle against the double exploitation and special oppression of women, with close ties to the working class movement and the socialist goals? Or does March 8 mutate to become a cosmetic feminist or bourgeois feminist holiday or women's shopping day, that refuses to denounce and fight the exploitation and oppression of working women?

The communist vision of freedom and liberation of humankind includes the struggle for the liberation of women and the promotion of the independent militant women's movement and the commitment to its new upswing.

The ICOR parties support the 3rd World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women from 3 to 10 September 2022 in Tunis/Tunisia! On the basis “From Religion to Revolution“ it unites women from the entire spectrum of society, political orientation and world view on the basis of non-party affiliation. Here the revolutionary and militant women's movement unite in the struggle against exploitation and oppression of women and for their liberation in a liberated society.

The 4th World Conference of ICOR has underlined the importance of the emerging struggles of the masses of women, whose driving forces are female workers and young women. It has strengthened the determination to advance revolutionary women's policy and the promotion of women.

The ICOR calls:

  • Make 8 March a genuine worldwide day of struggle for the liberation of women – in neighborhoods, at worksites and in social movements! Do consciousness-raising work against all kinds of oppression, discrimination or contempt of women and girls!

  • Open the revolutionary parties even more to women and girls. Encourage them and create conditions for them to take over responsibilities and leading positions! Call up to the 3rd World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women and take over responsibility for it!

  • Strengthen the militant women's movement of the world!

  • Struggle for the liberation of women in socialism and communism!

On International Women's Day, 8 March 2022:

Let us struggle together, men and women, across borders for the liberation of women, for freedom, democracy and socialism!


Signatories (as of 04 March 2022, further signatories possible):

  1. PCPCI Parti Communiste Proletarien de Côte d'Ivoire (Proletarian Communist Party of Ivory Coast)

  2. UPC-Manidem Union des Populations du Cameroun - Manifeste National pour l’Instauration de la Démocratie (Union of Populations of Cameroon - National Manifesto for the Establishment of Democracy)

  3. MMLPL Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line

  4. CPSA (ML) Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist)

  5. PCT Parti Comuniste du Togo (Communist Party of Togo)

  6. PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia

  7. MLOA Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan

  8. CPB Communist Party of Bangladesh

  9. SPB Socialist Party of Bangladesh

  10. CPI (ML) Red Star Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Star

  11. PPRF Patriotic Peoples Republican Front of Nepal

  12. CPA/ML Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)

  13. БКП Българска Комунистическа Партия (Bulgarian Communist Party)

  14. PR-ByH Partija Rada - ByH (Party of Labor - Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  15. MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

  16. UC Unité Communiste (Communist United ), France

  17. UPML Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Léniniste (Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Union), France

  18. BP (NK-T) Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan-Türkiye) (Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey))

  19. KOL Kommunistische Organisation Luxemburg (Communist Organization of Luxemburg)

  20. RM Rode Morgen (Red Dawn), Netherlands

  21. UMLP União Marxista-Leninista Portuguesa (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union)

  22. MLP Marksistsko-Leninskaja Platforma (Marxist-Leninist Platform), Russia

  23. MLGS Marxistisch-Leninistische Gruppe Schweiz (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland)

  24. TKP-ML Türkiye Komünist Partisi – Marksist-Leninist (Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist-Leninist)

  25. MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye / Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / Kurdistan)

  26. KSRD Koordinazionnyj Sowjet Rabotschewo Dvizhenija (Coordination Council of the Workers Class Movement), Ukraine

  27. UoC Union of Cypriots, Cyprus

  28. PCC-M Partido Comunista de Colombia – Maoista (Communist Party of Colombia - Maoist)

  29. NPCH (ML) Nouveau Parti Communiste Haϊtien (Marxiste-Léniniste) (New Communist Party of Haiti (Marxist-Leninist))

  30. PCP (independiente) Partido Comunista Paraguayo (independiente) (Paraguayan Communist Party (independent))

  31. PC (ML) Partido Comunista (Marxista Leninista) (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), Dominican Republic

  32. PCR-U Partido Comunista Revolucionario del Uruguay (Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay)

Additional Signatories (Non-ICOR):
Trotz Alledem! Deutschland

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