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Become a fist and a barricade for the prisoners! – Raise solidarity and dignity!

MLKP, Central Committee, December 20, 2021


The prisons are covered in blood. One after another, news spreads about the death of prisoners. The counter-guerrilla regime under the head Tayyip Erdoğan intensifies the fascist terror many times over to turn the prisons into surrender camps. Repression and violence know no bounds. Isolation has been intensified. There is no end to the banishment of prisoners. The right to books, newspapers, magazines, visits, letters and joint spaces has been restricted. Under the pretext of not showing "good behavior", political prisoners who have spent long years behind four walls are deprived of the right to be released after serving their sentences. Repression is intensified against many prisoners to make them collaborate with the MIT and the political police. They are threatened with death, the unsafety of their families, and the prevention of their release. Fighting for their own rights is practically banned. The coroner's office works as an executioner.

As if the hardships of prisoners' family members due to travel costs were not enough, they are now barely able to visit their children, partners, and siblings who have been exiled to different cities and provinces. Any kind of solidarity and exchange among each other is tried to be prevented. Repression against families is increasing.

Revolutionary and patriotic prisoners, who have no means of defense other than their bare fists, their bodies and their lives, do not bend despite these severe conditions and continue to resist, to be productive and breathe in step with the world. They maintain their organized nature and continue their struggle. Like Garibe Gezer, they are shouting raised head until their last breath that dignity is greater than death.

The oppression in prisons must not be allowed to continue. The prisoners must not be left alone any longer. The shame of not having listened to the outcries of Garibe Gezer must not be perpetuated. It is the urgent duty and responsibility of all revolutionary and anti-fascist parties, progressive trade unions, professional associations, democratic mass organizations, workers, women, youth, LGBTI+ groups, intellectuals, artists, academics, Alevi organizations, anti-capitalist Muslims and our Kurdish and Turkish people to respond to the call of the prisoners who are resisting against the fascist boss regime and to strengthen solidarity with them. This duty is not only the responsibility of prisoners' solidarity organizations and the IHD Prisoners' Commission, it cannot be burdened only on them. Because the burden is heavier than they could bear. Because it is urgent. Because it is vital. Because it can no longer be postponed.

We call on all revolutionary, anti-fascist and progressive parties, groups, trade unions, professional associations, democratic mass organizations, artists, intellectuals to come together, to form joint alliances and to strengthen the united struggle without losing even one day. It is necessary to form a barricade against the repression and torture in the prisons and to stand up for the release of sick prisoners, for the implementation of all rights starting with the right to books, newspapers and magazines, for the abolition of the new prison measures, for the end of the banishments and the end of the most severe and limitless form of isolation terror in Imrali prison.

Let us organize demonstrations, press statements, sit-in blockades, solidarity vigils, hunger strikes, rallies in the suburbs, working-class quarters, city centers, in front of AKP buildings and the coroner's office, and strengthen the struggle with graffiti, banners, stones, Molotov cocktails, in short, with everything at our disposal. We must become a single fist and a single barricade for the revolutionary and patriotic prisoners who have no other means to defend themselves except their bodies and their lives.

December 20, 2021


Central Committee

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