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Fire-dangerous development of imperialist warmongering - we call for Europe-wide active resistance in the struggle for world peace!

Statement of the European Coordination of the ICOR, April 24, 2022


On the morning of 24 February, imperialist Russia launched the military assault on Ukraine. This is a new aggravation of the inter-imperialist contradictions in the middle of Europe. There is a danger that troops of the USA, Nato and Russia will directly clash in this unjust war on both sides.


In the battle of psychological preparation for war, the US imperialism, NATO and the imperialist EU alliance are trying to present themselves as peace-loving. This is more than hypocritical in view of the increasing encirclement of Russia for months with 700 military bases, continuous armament of NATO to more than 1000 billion $ (Russia is at 61.7 billion $), transfer of NATO troops to the Baltic NATO countries, to Romania (from Germany) and war diplomacy.


The background to the current escalation is the continuing world economic and financial crisis, in which the various imperialist blocs are struggling to redistribute their spheres of power and influence. In particular, the capitalist crisis of raw materials is hampering economic development.


Against shifting the burden of war onto the workers and the masses! With the escalation of the conflict over Ukraine, the international corporations immediately reacted with a drastic increase in the price of natural gas. On the morning of 24 February, they rose by 30%. On the backs of the masses, the military budgets are to be increased "overnight". Against the will of the masses for peace, the enormous increase in military expenditure could not be realised in the West so far. Now it is to be waved through with the argument of the imperialist policy towards Russia. What so far failed because of the workers', women's and youth's will for peace is now to be justified and enforced with the imperialist Russia policy.


Against all efforts to win the people for taking sides for one or the other imperialist policy, the ICOR organisations call for: active resistance against every imperialist aggression and war - whether by the USA/NATO, the EU or Russia and its allies! The member organisation in Ukraine, KSRD ( Coordinating Council of the Workers' Movement of Ukraine) calls for this a few days ago:

"We, the proletarian revolutionary organisations of the world strongly condemn the militarism of the imperialists. Because, behind their claims of justice or 'retribution', they hide their own interests and the desire to achieve their goals at the expense of the workers' lives. (...) In reality, the working class must organise itself to fight for its own interests, including on an international level."

The situation requires a new, world-wide peace movement directed against every imperialist policy. The ICOR as a revolutionary world organisation (62 member organisations) is with its 28 member organisations in Europe in 18 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus ... in a position to take important initiatives for this.


We call especially on the militant miners, dockers, transport workers, workers in the big corporations to form the backbone of active resistance. Likewise, the militant women's movement and rebellion of the youth is challenged. The European coordinators assure the peace-loving workers and masses in Ukraine and Russia: we stand by your side!

The ICOR resolution of 14 February 2022 calls for organising protest actions, rallies, resistance actions in all countries at the outbreak of war.


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Proletarians of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

Struggle for peace, friendship between peoples, socialism

European Coordinators


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