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ICOR Webinar – "Burning need of an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front"

ICOR, May 04, 2022


Date: Sunday, May 15


7 am: Mexico City, Bogotá

1 pm: Algier; Tunis

2 pm (14 Uhr): Paris, Berlin

3 pm: Moscow

5:30 pm: Delhi

6 pm: Dhaka

10 pm: Sydney

Link to the Webinar


Dear comrades, dear friends,

Today I would like to cordially invite you to our next Zoom meeting, agreed on 6 March, on the theme "Burning need for an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front" on Sunday 15 May. The dramatic escalation of inter-imperialist contradictions, the threat of direct belligerent confrontation between Russia and NATO - and a wave of social-chauvinist, nationalist agitation has if anything developed further since our last meeting. Very many of you have carried out active work against the war and struggles also for the economic, social, ecological and political concerns of the workers and the broad masses, culminating on May Day. Thus, our exchange of opinions and experiences will be extremely valuable. In this spirit, we had already held an exciting and successful Zoom meeting on 6 March with more than 90 participants from ... countries. At the end of the meeting, we agreed that we will continue to attach the greatest importance to building the united front - at national and international level.

This should also lead to a discussion on the future organised cooperation in the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front. Therefore, we should also prepare from the beginning for a discussion of about 3-3.5 hours.

Please take part and actively promote it. If you have prepared contributions (the speaking time will again be 3 minutes) or proposals for resolutions, please send them in advance for the setting of the schedule and not least for the translators. Directly after an introductory speech by me, which should give an overview of the developments since then, the discussion will be opened!

We will certainly discuss there mainly about the resistance against the Ukraine war and the experiences with it on May Day and May 8 (Liberation Day in many European countries). But also about how this resistance connects with the struggle of the workers and broad masses around social issues. Prepare thoroughly. The Zoom meeting will be held in English. There will probably be an Arabic, German, French, Spanish and Russian translation and we are trying to organise also a participation of our Russian and Ukrainian comrades or at least statements from them again. 

Warm greetings and solidarity,

Monika Gärtner-Engel, main coordinator of the ICOR

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