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Imperialists: hands off Ukraine! The crisis triggers the tendency to plunder and to war.

PCMR Argentina, mar/6/2022


The pandemic came to intensify the general crisis and the contradictions between the main economic and military powers, which are trying to find some shortcut to avoid their downfall in the midst of the decadence of capitalism in its imperialist phase. Every resource, investment, territory or zone of influence has become a strategic piece, within the chessboard on which imperialism invites to play its old game of war. On this board China, Russia and their allies are preparing to dispute the hegemony and the replacement of their supremacy over the US, which in turn revived the Atlantic and Pacific alliances, in an attempt to contain the advance of the new Eurasian power bloc. This old power, which emerged after World War II and led almost exclusively by the USA, has subjugated peoples and nations through indebtedness, intervention, wars of aggression and the plundering of resources. The growing economic-military power of China and Russia, in the context of a general decline of US power, is creating a scenario of greater disputes, in which increased military spending and operations of all kinds are the general law. The establishment of blocs and competing alliances is mainly focused on decisively influencing European countries, while countries and regions in Asia, Africa and America are being disputed.

The Ukrainian case is precisely in the current center of dispute of these movements. It is the weak link in the post-Cold War political crisis, providing energy and raw materials for a large part of Europe and therefore an important factor in geopolitics determined by the dispute between powers. It is also the result of the bogging down of the implementation of a new Russian gas pipeline to Germany (which the US aspires to replace with liquefied gas, but at a much higher cost) and the need to secure Ukraine and the region as part of the so-called New Silk Road, a Chinese initiative in which the monopoly capital of this State is associated, among others, with the Russian monopolies.

Since the disintegration of the former USSR, Ukraine remained outside the pact of states under the control of the Russian Federation, although its governments remained close friends of Moscow. The political crisis in Ukraine destabilizes the "pro-Russian" government , displaces them and puts in formal power the "pro-European Union/NATO" 2014 . In response to this move , in a climate of civil war , the Russians launch a consultation and annex the Crimean peninsula and a kind of containment zone is established in the Dombas , -the Ukrainian east of Russian majority- , with the formation of militias claiming the independence of its two "people's republics" . with a view to joining the Russian federation. As never before, nationalism on both sides increased and fomented. A weak agreement between the parties in conflict gave way to a period of indebtedness, foreignization and deindustrialization under the baton of the IMF and the U.S.A. mainly and outlined a crisis that would be faced with new indebtedness and the promise of military aid and equipment by the NATO powers, with the intention of recovering the Dombas and tightening the siege on the Russian federation even more.

But the crisis and needs shrink the room for maneuver and that is what moves these powers to be more aggressive. None of them is willing to give up without a fight and the Russians, perceiving the weaknesses of the US and the manifest differences on this conflict among their allies, decided to take the step and intervene by attacking preemptively and going for everything. Now, with Ukraine under Russian control, from being the one cornering its potential enemy far away, NATO itself will have Russian armed forces on its borders, face to face. And this is a dangerous escalation of war, in the direction of an unprecedented war.

Nothing with the IMF, the USA and NATO, nothing with RUSSIA either.

Putin's invocations about pacification and anti-Nazi struggle in Ukraine are as false as his alleged progressivism. Both the Russian and Ukrainian people can expect nothing from a power, which acts in a very similar way to other imperialisms, with respect to what they consider their "backyard". Putin, also immersed in a crisis in his own territory and trying to circumvent it by making use of his military might, far from a liberating option, is the conservative and repressive corporate reaction, with his back to China. The package of sanctions and boycott already implemented by the US, EU and others on the Russian economy will hit hard and this will make Putin's actions more dangerous inside and outside his territory. The Russian people must repudiate actions against Ukraine undertaken under any false pretext of libertarianism or self-defense, as well as prepare to resist further internal repression or the exclusive payment of the costs of the current crisis.

Active independent action, oppose the war and take advantage of the contradictions for a popular revolutionary solution.

Workers and peoples must repudiate this intervention of the powers and call for mobilization against the ongoing war of plunder and inter-imperialist. For the peoples of the region, more than disputes between powers or false leadership under Putin's neozarism, it is necessary to return to unity in solidarity under a popular and socialist power, as in the times of the Bolshevik revolution.

It is necessary to surround the Ukrainian people and nation with active solidarity against the occupying power and to collaborate with the actions of global resistance to plunder and war, generating a broad and combative anti-imperialist movement. The crisis of imperialism in decomposition, opens the way to the reactionary war between powers and fascism, but also generates conditions for the energetic intervention of the Peoples and Nations in search of a liberation and socialist solution.


No to the reactionary war of aggression and war between powers!

No to the intervention of the USA/NATO and Russia in Ukraine!

Immediate cessation of bombardments and withdrawal of Russian troops in Ukraine!

For the self-determination of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation!

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