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Let's continue to build the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front

Statement of the Internationalist Alliance of Germany to the ICOR Web-Meeting, Sunday, March 6th 2022. Speaker: Fritz Ullmann, executive committee of the central coordination group


Dear comrades.

I will speak in English and I am speaking for the Internationalist Alliance of Germany. Our Alliance has 40 organisations and about 40,000 supporters united against fascism and war. The Alliance organisation that I represent is the Left Forum. I send our greetings to everyone of you.


I absolutely agree with the proposals made in the beginning:

We must initiate joint action and continue discussion as well. The war indeed underlines the need for the United Front against Imperialism and Fascism and Unity we must show.


On this war, our position is as follows:

In Ukraine, two imperialist camps clash. NATO with the USA on the one hand, and Russia, allied with China, on the other. Both sides openly justify their war in anti-communist terms and prepare for a III. World war.


In these days our solidarity belongs to the Ukrainian masses, who are the main sufferers of this war. We call on them not to be sworn into national unity with the reactionary Selensky government, on the side of NATO.

Our solidarity is with the Russian masses and many who are courageously opposing the reactionary, Putin regime.


No peace-loving person can side with Putin's Russia, which is the imperialist aggressor in the Ukraine war.

No peace-loving person can side with NATO and U.S. imperialism as the main global warmonger.

Neutrality is no option, either. We all must oppose any imperialist aggression.


And Germany is imperialist. So we decisively oppose the aggressive German government!

With a grand coalition of all German bourgeois political parties it decided to spend 100 billion Euros on the army. This means: The German government is again actively preparing for war.

We must call on the workers and unionists in Germany first and foremost to actively resist the war effort and not fall for German warmongering.


The German people want peace. We must initiate a new peace movement in Germany that does not fall for the propaganda of either side.


We are making a video combining statements on why this war must be opposed; we would greatly appreciate your international voices to this project.


Thank you for your attention, dear comrades of the United Front.

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