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Let's make 6 August, Hiroshima Memorial Day, an international day of struggle against nuclear death!

Contribution of the MLPD Germany for the Webinar of the antiimperialist and antifascist United Front on 24 July 2022:


Dear friends and comrades,

I may introduce today the position of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany - MLPD. The escalation of the Ukraine war was connected with a turn to an openly aggressive foreign and military policy of almost all imperialist countries in preparation for the Third World War. With ever new deliveries of weapons systems, such as most recently high-precision long-range missile launchers, the spiral of escalation continues with NATO's goal of inflicting defeat on Russia. This means the growing danger of a global nuclear war.

The imperialist military strategists of NATO and Russia are currently again openly professing the concept of a "limited nuclear war" and the first use of nuclear weapons. Not only does the use of so-called tactical nuclear weapons already cause immense destruction and millions of deaths, it can also trigger an unleashed nuclear war. Tactical nuclear weapons lower the overall threshold for the use of nuclear weapons. Once the nuclear threshold is crossed, the use of strategic nuclear weapons easily follows. The German military theorist Clausewitz had worked out this lawfulness, according to which war as an act of violence must lead to the extreme.

The 13,080 nuclear weapons of nine imperialist nuclear powers can destroy the biosphere of the Earth several times. This would be equivalent to the destruction of the basis of humanity's existence. It is a widespread, highly dangerous illusion that the rationality of the imperialists would not permit a nuclear war. Nuclear war would be madness from the standpoint of humanity, but for imperialists there are no moral limits. World domination ultimately requires elimination of rivals, no matter what the cost.

The nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with more than 200,000 dead are the best proof of this. Our comrade Willi Dickhut wrote in his book "War and Peace and the Socialist Revolution": "There is only one way to prevent a nuclear war - to prevent the use of any kind of nuclear weapons!" The fight for prohibition and destruction of all ABC-weapons has therefore highest importance. To take the power of disposal over these weapons out of the imperialists' hands once and for all and to prevent imperialist wars requires an international socialist revolution.

A nuclear Third World War can only be prevented by the active resistance of the broad masses under the leadership of the working class. In Europe, so far, especially the Greek and Italian workers have courageously been at the forefront of the struggle. We absolutely need anti-imperialist and antifascist cooperation and coordination across national borders.

The present new phase of the accelerated destabilization of the imperialist world system has only 2 options: Either the Third World War or the international socialist revolution!

We therefore propose to use 6 August to intensify the consciousness-raising work on the acute danger of a nuclear world war, the way and the goal of the struggle. For this purpose, the MLPD has published the brochure "The Ukraine War and the Open Crisis of the Imperialist World System", which we are distributing widely. We fight against the psychological preparation for war and the social-chauvinist propaganda of those in power.

We expose the lie of the peaceful use of nuclear energy as alleged climate protection. With a renaissance of nuclear power, the extension of operating times and the expansion of nuclear power plants, the further armament with nuclear weapons is closely linked. This includes the planning and construction of SMRs (Small Modular Reactors), which run on radioactive thorium. The German-British-Dutch corporation Urenco is developing such, but so are the USA and Russia. The shutdown of all nuclear plants at the expense of the operators is therefore a current demand of struggle. We demand the withdrawal and destruction of the 20 U.S. nuclear bombs stationed in Germany, which can be dropped by Bundeswehr aircraft as part of nuclear sharing. This must also apply to the estimated 120 US nuclear bombs in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey. We attack the German government's 100 billion euro special program as an arms buildup for the Third World War. It includes the purchase of new F35 fighter jets carrying nuclear bombs.

The active resistance against war, militarization and fascism must become a part of the struggle against growing poverty, for an extra wage increase and democratic rights. We use the 6 August for building of a new peace movement, for the strengthening of the resistance groups initiated by the MLPD and for the alliance work. We carry out information stands and joint regional actions in front of nuclear facilities and at the nuclear weapons base in Büchel.

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