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Message of solidarity

comrades of several ICOR organisations in Europe, May 22, 2022


We, comrades of several ICOR organisations in Europe, send our communist greetings and solidarity to our comrades of the Maoist Party of Russia, member of the ICOR. You have decided to organise demonstrations and help to organise the women's struggle which is fragmented throughout the country.

We welcome and support your initiative and your courage in the face of increasing repression. We are sure that you will carry out your struggle with care so that our organisations will be strengthened in the future.


Your action is taking place in a context where Western countries are also in the midst of war propaganda, and where access to information about the struggles in Russia is difficult. To support our comrades is to support the progressive, democratic and revolutionary struggles in Russia. It is to contribute to peace, not war.


We will publicise your struggle in our countries and we call for broad support for the fighting women's movement in Russia! Women's rights are under attack from everywhere and in many countries. But women are defending and fighting back! The 3rd World Conference of Grassroots Women, which is being prepared for September in Tunisia, will strengthen our ties and solidarity! The fight against exploitation and oppression cannot do without "half the sky", women and feminism!

22 May 2022


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