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Profile, future and further construction of the anti-imp and anti-fascist United Front

Contribution for the ICOR and United Front webinar on December 11, 2022, UPML France


Important note from the ICOR Office! This is only an automated translation of the post. The french version is the original. If you want to help us and improve this translation, we will be happy. You can be listed as translator on the homepage if you want to. Send us the improved translation to our email address


Some experiences and reflections (UPML, Paris region):

1. The ICOR is a dynamic and rigorous international force, we are proud of it! It gives substance to proletarian internationalism, to the support of struggles in the world and fights for the international revolution. It supports the construction of revolutionary parties in all countries.

Between the United Front and the ICOR there must be unity but also differences. The ICOR has taken an important initiative to build the Front. We are convinced anti-imperialists and anti-fascists!

But the front must be broader in its political content and activity.

Our experience is that the Front cannot be built without a broad systematic work and trust between the new allies.

In Paris, we have a wide spectrum of anti-colonial and anti-capitalist organizations and initiatives. Associations, organizations, collectives or even trade union structures that support the population of a country or region. For example, an old association, and very well known here, is "Survie" which organizes solidarity with countries oppressed by French imperialism. Another example: during the preparation of November 12 in Paris, we met a young organization from Reunion Island which opposes the oppression of this French colony.

These organizations should have their place in the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist United Front. They must be won over to join the Front. All their knowledge, activities and valuable connections must be integrated into those of the United Front. Just as we must integrate all the individuals concerned about the situation in the world; such as the many immigrants around us.

The United Front must take a stand against ALL imperialism. Often today, the notion of "imperialism" is limited to a policy of oppression and exploitation of dependent countries. Often it is limited to the old imperialist powers; it must be broadened to include economic dependence and the new imperialist powers. But we have to do it with patience, to do a work of conviction to clarify the questions.

Let's take an example: in West Africa, anti-imperialist struggles have really weakened the domination of France. The troops of the imperialist military operation "Barkhane" had to leave Mali, for example. New imperialist forces are taking advantage of this, such as Russia, which is advancing in Mali with the "Wagner" militia. In Africa, Russia is supported and even its war in Ukraine by rejection of the former imperialists. But in the face of the enormous problems that decades of plunder and oppression have created, many people cling to the smallest branch. Except that this is an illusion and leads to the division of the international struggle against imperialism. There is a confusion that must be reduced with sensitivity and foresight.

On November 11, a holiday in France, there was a commemoration of the armistice of the First World War, organized by several groups that came out of the decaying revisionist French Communist Party. This party is also becoming increasingly chauvinistic, most recently by supporting Macron's reforms against the unemployed, or by voting for France's military efforts in favor of Ukraine and in the European Union arms race. At the rally there were about 100 people and 6 organizations from France plus representatives of international organizations and individuals. The action was carried out in unity against the growing and imminent danger of a new world war and in the desire to act together.

The dominant feature was unfortunately the unilateral condemnation of the USA/EU/NATO. We were, together with another organization, the only ones to condemn both sides in the war in Ukraine. Everybody could speak and we had a press table. This punctual cooperation allows us to feed the debate that exists in other organizations on the correct positions. We are campaigning for the dialogue to continue.

The opposition to imperialism is growing with the world's sinking into the crises of the system and there is an urgent need for an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist structure.

Many organizations are not communist. It is right that the call is modified by making it clear that the socialist goal has its place in the United Front but that it is not a precondition for joining the United Front. However, cooperation requires that we be open to cooperation and debate with the communists that we are. The work of communists against imperialism, must clarify its character and its foundations (financial capital, state monopoly capitalism), must convince over time of the necessity and possibility of socialism.

Organizing the November 12 rally of the ICOR in Paris, decided by the last webinar at the beginning of October, was a great effort for us in such a short time next to other commitments, but the result was positive. The gathering allowed us to deepen the connections around us and to create new contacts. International gatherings are very attractive! Secondly, the presence of the youth was highly appreciated: there were young activists speaking from the Middle East, Africa, Germany and France. Especially joint activities are important for small organizations like us in France. And the young Rebels from Germany were happy with their "adventure" in Paris.

The importance of the working class in an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front: changes in the background of capitalist society are wanted and needed. These changes need a force equal to our enemies. The struggles of the working class in the strategic sectors in October in France showed a renewal of strength, which made the government react, using violence, threats of imprisonment to force the strikes to stop.

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