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Provoked by Threats of NATO Expansion to Russian Borders, Putin Starts Military Attacks on Ukraine

KN Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Red Star, New Delhi, 25th February 2022


The present attack on Ukraine has erupted as a result of the intensifying contradiction between the US led imperialist forces and their NATO with the Russian imperialists led by Putin. We condemn any such military action which is going to further aggravate the miseries of the masses of people in this highly globalized world. But we should not be blinded by the western media blitz portraying Russian government alone as the villain, and he is entirely responsible for the war.

Russian forces have started attacking Ukraine on 24th  February. In reality it is a reaction to the proxy war moves of NATO forces continuing from the time the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991 to absorb all the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe and the federated states of Soviet Union like Ukraine which had separated from it, to expand its influence up to the border of Russia.  The NATO was launched just after the Second World War by the US imperialism along with all the imperialist countries of Europe to contain the then socialist Soviet Union. The imperialist camp launched a cold war along with its military actions in different countries to crush the socialist camp. After the capitalist roaders usurped power and turned socialist SU in to a social imperialist super power, contending and colluding with the other super power, the US imperialism for world hegemony, this Cold War went on aggravating. But, when the Soviet Union collapsed and disintegrated, and the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe started joining the NATO, the US imperialist forces and their ideologues had announced the end of cold war. At this time, it was expected that the NATO will be dissolved. But what happened was just the opposite. NATO was further strengthened with nuclear arms and it was declared that it will be continued world-wide to defend US and its allies. NATO forces were involved in the US aggressive acts in West Asian countries, and also in Afghanistan. So, as NATO was hurrying the present neo-fascist precedent of Ukraine to join the NATO, and the threat of NATO forces reaching its borders becoming a reality, feeling insecurity, Putin’s Russia has launched the war to teach a lesson to Ukrain.

We are of the view that any such military aggressions are  condemnable. We have stood with all progressive democratic forces around the world whenever such attacks had taken place. In effect, what is happening today is not a War Between Russia and Ukraine, as the monopoly media tries to project, but between the NATO block and Russia; It is between the Ukraine govt, used as a proxy by the NATO powers, purposefully pushing it forward after arming it to the teeth and Russia. Let's not forget that Kennedy did almost the same thing when the then USSR sent missiles to be based in Cuba, at the "doorstep" of the US. Similarly, as Ukraine is at the doorstep of Russia, and if it becomes a NATO member, effectively this military alliance will be encircling Russia.  So, it is the western world / NATO is responsible for instigating this war.

While discussing the latest situation around Ukraine, Putin is also using a cover to justify his action. According to him, the Ukraine actions as outlined in the fundamental assessments of Kiev’s aggressive actions against the civilian population of Donbass, as well as its long-lasting destructive policy aimed at scrapping He had asked for assurances from western countries that Ukraine would not be admitted to NATO, but when the US and others refused to provide a guarantee, Russian forces started the attack.

CPI(ML) Red Star demands that the hostilities should be ended forthwith, and negotiations should be started to settle the disputes, as continuation of the war for even a single day aggravates the miseries of world people. At the same time, we condemn the US imperialists engaged in such barbarous acts, It is in a frenzy to overcome the inglorious defeat it suffered in the  latest events in Afghanistan by making NATO to become more aggressive against Russia, and by intensifying the conflict around South China Sea in Pacific to intensify threatening moves against Chinese imperialists who are contending with it for world hegemony. The intensifying inter-imperialist contradictions reflect the aggravation of the crisis faced by the global imperialist system. Both sides are trying to resolve it by transferring the burden on the masses coupled with wars, once again proving the fact that war and plunder shall continue the until the imperialist system itself is thrown out, paving the way for socialist advances.

KN Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star

New Delhi
25th February 2022

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