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Resolution of the webinar of the anti-imperialist and antifascist united front with more than 100 participants from at least 25 countries on 15 May 2022

ICOR Webinar, 15 May 2022


After almost three months of the unjust war over Ukraine, the participants agree – this war must end immediately! We condemn the imperialist aggression of Russia, which started the war with the invasion of Ukraine. We condemn the imperialist provocation of NATO up to the borders of Russia, which has been continuing for decades. For years, billions were pumped into Ukraine in order to expand armaments of this country. The USA has 800 military bases in the entire world in order to enforce its global dominance, and it continues to be the main warmonger worldwide.

With the continued delivery of heavy weapons and the changing of the war's goal to a victory of Ukraine, the great threat of a 3rd World War, with the potential of becoming a nuclear war, has become very real and close.

We stand in solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against the barbaric invasion of Russian imperialism. However, we distinguish clearly between the masses and the ultra-reactionary Zelenskyy government, which openly cooperates with fascists. We stand in solidarity with all internationalist comrades and organizations in Russia, who oppose this invasion under most difficult conditions. For both countries we state: continue your work, but also protect your organizations and continue to build them up under the changed conditions.

We demand the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine and of the NATO troops from the Russian border and from Eastern Europe. All those who have caused this war must come up for the damages. The war has exacerbated the environmental crisis and food supply to an extent where lives are threatened. This will provoke hunger uprisings, which we must take up in our struggle.

We all want to promote the building of the anti-imperialist and antifascist united front with even greater vigor. We combine this with building our revolutionary organizations and spread the perspective of a socialist future. First then will imperialist wars, internal reaction, exploitation and oppression of workers come to an end. Let us win the youth for this. Active resistance against the threat of a 3rd World War, against the militarization of society, repression, (social-)chauvinism and anticommunism against everything that is progressive! The backbone of active resistance are the workers of the world; its most active forces are the youth!

We also condemn the Zionist, imperialist Israeli politics against the Palestinian people and the murder of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and the provocative, contemptuous attack at her funeral.

We continue to strongly condemn the attacks of fascist Turkey against the Kurdish liberation movement and the attacks upon Northern Iraq and Northern Syria, which violate international law.

We plan the following further activities:

Let us make 6 August (Hiroshima commemoration day) to an international day of struggle against nuclear death! Let us meet for the next webinar on 24 July 2022 to discuss the content, to make preparations and exchange experiences on the activities planned.

We support the preparatory process of the World Women's Conference in Tunisia, which is taking place in Tunis from 3 to 10 September. In this framework, a first measure is the support of the Russian women comrades, who are organizing a day of action on 22 May against the suppression of the women's movement in Russia, under the slogan „Feminism is not toxic“.

Long live international solidarity!

Workers of all countries, unite!.

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