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Revolutionary Greetings for the New Year

Kommunistischer Aufbau



Dear comrades,
the year 2021 was one of sharp class struggle.
It was shaped by the corona pandemic and the anti-proletarian measures
coming along with it as well the continued economic crisis, the
disruptions in worldwide production chains and the continuosly
increasing prices. At the same time the ruling class tries to put the
costs for this crisis on the backs of the working class.
But the year 2021 was also a year of brave resistance of the workers and
oppressed peoples all over the world. The contradictions between the
exploited and oppressed and the bourgeoisie have deepened strongly and
lead to larger struggles against the current system.
The continued economic crisis and pandemic, the deepening ecological
crisis and the increased danger of war between the imperialist countries
urgently demand a response. The only possible answer to these problems
is socialist revolution.
We await the new year filled with revolutionary energy and greet all
comrades and struggling workers all over the world.