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Statement to the ICOR Web-Meeting: "Let’s make Hiroshima Day, August 6 an international day of struggle!"

Internationalist Alliance of Germany, Sunday, July 24th 2022 Speaker: Fritz Ullmann, executive committee of the central coordination group



Dear friends and comrades.

I shall speak in English: My name ist Fritz Ullmann from the central coordination group of the Internationalist Alliance of 41 organisations and 40.000 supporters in Germany.


We thank ICOR for continuously developing the international cooperation further in this time of need. The anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front is of great importance, and it must be strengthened.


Neither Russia, nor NATO want to end the war in Ukraine: They want to win it. Consequently, we consider the threat of world war to be very real. We are fully aware that such a war would, eventually, be a nuclear war. Therefor, it is important that we draw attention to the inevitable consequences such a war would have. The memory of Hiroshima must be an indictment against the bourgeois propaganda for war.


The imperialists prepare a war by all means necessary. One of their most devious methods is to downplay the existencial threat which nuclear war presents by spreading illusions of a "limited" nuclear war by the use of so called "tactical nukes". Such devices are not "tactical" because they are less powerful, as is implied. The largest tactical nuke of which we currently know has a yield of no less than 200 kilotons. The bomb that destroyed Hiroshima had 16 Kilotons - less than one tenth.


In Germany, we organize a resistance front against fascism and world war, we will support the international day of struggle on Hiroshima Day. More than 20 organisations have joined already.


There is reason for hope, as the workers are more and more unwilling to tolerate the insanity of their oppressors.


We are in solidarity with the LARCO workers in Greece. Their struggle deserves our attention and support. We all must also turn to all workers in our own countries who raise up against the exploitation, against shifting the burdon of the many crisis onto the proletariat.


So, let us all continue the work that we have begun and not falter.


Our cause is just, our path leads to the future. Thank you all.

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