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Statements of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War

MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany), Central Committee, March 2022


5th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the War in Ukraine, 26 April 2022


The danger of world war is escalating – Come to the countrywide demonstration on 8 May!

Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, on 27 February Chancellor Olaf Scholz proclaimed a “historical turning point”. The imperialist peace was supplanted by preparation for war. There were still assurances from all sides that the aim was to end the war. However, the war became more brutal, an armament spiral was set in motion.

Meanwhile a new phase has begun. US President Joe Biden, NATO generals, and the German federal government now declare that the aim is to win this war. However, a Ukrainian victory over Russia can be achieved only by the use of heavy offensive weapons and only if NATO directly intervenes. That would be the beginning of a Third World War.

Any criticism of this course is suppressed with warmongering and mendacious propaganda. Every world war began with this. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announces that transports of heavy weapons will be bombed and regarded as NATO’s entry into the war. Russia and the USA are preparing to use nuclear weapons. The German government now also will supply heavy weapons and increasingly is becoming a party to the war. At the US Air Force base Ramstein (Germany), today 40 countries forged a war alliance.

To date, no side is willing to make concessions. Peace is not possible otherwise! To end the First World War, in the Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Lenin even ceded large territories.

In this phase of accelerated destabilization of the imperialist world system, the question immediately arises: Will the warlords take their plans to the limit? Or will the world’s masses stop the Third World War through active resistance and draw their own conclusions: it is time to take up the struggle for the future of humankind in genuine socialism!

Come on 8th May to Essen/Gelsenkirchen for the first manifestation of a new peace movement! It is the only countrywide demonstration so far which with great earnestness opposes the danger of the Third World War and every imperialist aggressor.

We demand:

  1. Immediate stop to the war in Ukraine!

  2. Russian imperialism must pull its troops back and pay for the war damage!

  3. Withdrawal of all NATO troops from Eastern Europe!

  4. Neutrality status for Ukraine!

  5. Stop the armament of the Bundeswehr and the militarization of society!

  6. Fight the shifting of the war burdens to the working class and the broad masses! SUPPLEMENTARY WAGE INCREASE NOW!

Demonstration and rally with dedication of a socialist memorial:
8 May, 11 a.m., Zweigertbrücke in Essen // from 1 p.m. Schmalhorststr. 1 in Gelsenkirchen
Demo, speeches, culture, refreshments


Download the 5th statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine war as PDF


4th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War


Dangerous Playing with the Fire of a World War: No NATO into Ukraine - Withdrawal of Russian Troops!

Central Committee of the MLPD, 11 March 2022

1. Millions of people, also in Germany, justifiably feel that something must be done against the war in Ukraine. More than two million people already had to flee from the war. In addition, thousands have been wounded or killed. Rising food and energy prices are driving up inflation worldwide. A mass discussion about all of this has emerged. Those in power are grossly misusing the desire of the masses for peace in order to portray themselves as the champions for peace. There are two schemes for this:


Last week, CDU leader Friedrich Merz rushed ahead: "Under certain circumstances" a direct war participation of NATO could be conceivable and necessary. Springer boss Döpfner topped that in the Bild newspaper: "NATO must act NOW.” The Ukrainian President Zelenskyy vehemently demands the closure of Ukrainian airspace - in plain language: NATO fighter jets should shoot down Russian aircraft. They willingly accept that this would trigger a World War III with high probability. The USA has already supplied Ukraine with weapons worth $ 300 million. Soldiers from at least six NATO countries are joining the Ukrainian army as "volunteers," in part with the approval of their government. Putin, in turn, calls the economic and arms deliveries a "declaration of war" by NATO and threatens "severe consequences".


Stop this dangerous game!


The German government and NATO, with the support of substantial parts of the solely ruling international finance capital, so far reject an open intervention. This is not due to their humanitarian desire for peace - then they could and should have taken action much earlier to de-escalate. Now, they are obviously confronted with the masses' desire for peace: 79 % of the population in Germany are against a NATO intervention in the war and hundreds of thousands took part in peace demonstrations in Germany alone. On 7 March 2022, the head of the monopoly association BDI, Siegfried Russwurm, also brusquely rejected the U.S. government's demand for a decoupling of the German economy from China: "We were not and will not be a recipient of orders from the American government." Putin's "crimes are not the end of global trade and global division of labor. Exchange, not partition, remains our principle." The export-dependent monopolies see their economic interests threatened by further escalation. Negotiations in their interest, however, will only lead to an imperialist peace. That means that armament and warmongering will continue, and the intensified competition for energy supply, raw materials and supply chains will also take place at the expense of the peoples.


2. The bourgeois media promote the policy of the German government with the manipulated portrayal that this would help "the people" in Ukraine. But supporting the Zelenskyy government is not a progressive policy, as comparisons with the Allies around the socialist Soviet Union or the international brigades in the Spanish Civil War falsely suggest. All bourgeois parties have gone over to lauding NATO as the true angel of peace. Take note, that is the alliance that has the largest number of wars of aggression to its credit in recent decades, in Afghanistan, Iraq, ex-Yugoslavia, etc. A military escalation by NATO does not help the people in Ukraine, but worsens their situation. A World War III would bring immeasurable suffering and, with the use of nuclear weapons, would endanger the foundations of life of humankind!


3. The workers and the masses of the people who are participating in armed struggles in Ukraine are justified in defending themselves against an imperialist war of aggression. At the same time, they must direct their struggle against the reactionary capitalist government of Zelenskyy and seek and strengthen solidarity with progressive people in Russia and all over the world, who oppose all imperialist aggression. Their future should not lie in returning to the previous poverty, exploitation and oppression as a pawn of imperialist interests! The resolutely anti-imperialist direction is strengthened by the solidarity and relief activities which MLPD and ICOR1 promote. The ICOR party "Marxist-Leninist Platform" from Russia declares: "The peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Donbass are hostages of a conflict of interests between the two imperialist groups". It calls on "the working people of Russia to protest against the war, to sabotage the transfer of troops and military equipment, and thereby express their determined 'no'."


4. The war in Ukraine is an imperialist war. Until now, many people only knew imperialism from history books. Now, even bourgeois media are castigating Putin's imperialist great-power fantasies. Already in 2017, the MLPD wrote an extensive study on the new-imperialist resurgence of Russia: "Putin pursues the goal of a Eurasian Union from Lisbon to Vladivostok dominated by Russia." At that time, Angela Merkel and the other Western heads of state and monopolies still met on friendly terms with Putin at pompous dinners. The following also applies to other countries, such as the USA, China, or Germany: "... imperialist countries are countries whose economy is determined by monopolies, where the monopolies have increasingly subordinated the state, and that strive for the domination of other territories and countries."2


5. Imperialist aggression abroad is closely connected to domestic repression. Are Putin's fascist methods ushering in a transition to fascism in Russia? Thousands have been arrested at anti-war demonstrations. Putin confidant and deputy security chief Medvedev talks about reintroducing the death penalty. With the new media law, even calling it a war is now punishable. But the EU also wants to sanction false information, and the German government simply banned the Russian broadcaster RT. What is right and wrong is thus decided by the imperialists. In Germany, the anti-imperialist peace policy of the MLPD is being increasingly obstructed in front of schools, factories or at demonstrations. In the case of a direct participation of NATO in the war, the German government could largely suspend bourgeois-democratic rights and freedoms by means of emergency laws.


6. The hatred against Putin is misused to slander communism. Putin is allegedly a communist, Stalin successor and wants to restore the Soviet Union, German newspapers maintain. However, in his speech at the start of the war, Putin himself attacked Lenin and Stalin first and foremost for advocating the right of self-determination for Ukraine - for him a madness. Each warring side accuses the other of acting in the spirit of Stalin – how utterly absurd! In contrast to both warring parties, the exemplary policy on nationalities in the socialist Soviet Union until 1956 stood for proletarian internationalism.


7. Solidarity with the masses in Ukraine means the obligation to strengthen the struggle for world peace. No war can be waged in the long run against the active resistance of the workers and the masses! 91 participants from 22 countries declared at an ICOR webinar on 6 March to resolutely lead the joint struggle for peace in an anti-imperialist united front. Let us build a new strong peace movement against all imperialist warmongers, also in Germany!


- Active resistance against the imperialist preparation of a World War III!


- Against the shifting of the burdens of war and crisis onto the masses! For a wage increase at least as high as inflation.


- For peace, friendship among nations, genuine socialism!


- Strengthen the revolutionary workers' party MLPD! Join the youth league Rebell and its resistance groups!





1. For the relief fund of the Coordination Council of the Workers Class Movement in Ukraine (KSRD):

Solidarity and Aid Organization Solidarität International

IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, keyword: Ukraine Hilfsfonds

2. For financing Ukrainian and Russian miners’ delegations to the International Miners’ Conference 2023:

Solidarity and Aid Organization Solidarität International

IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, keyword: IMC, russische und ukrainische Kumpel

3. For the MLPD, to further its anti-imperialist politics in Germany: MLPD,

IBAN: DE76 4306 0967 4053 3530 00

Keyword: Friedenskampf

3th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War

Federal Government Goes Over to Openly Imperialist Foreign and Military Policy – Acute Danger of World War Evoked by Imperialists

In its Statement No. 3 on the war in Ukraine of 27 February 2022, the Central Committee of the MLPD declares:

  1. With the decisions of 26/27 February 2022, the Federal Government makes the turn towards an openly aggressive imperialist foreign and military policy. It is actively preparing for war. For decades, it preached its fundamental fiction of pursuing a peaceful and humanitarian foreign policy, supposedly accomplishing change through trade. Now a very large coalition of SPD/Greens/FDP/CDU/CSU decided to send 1,400 anti-tank weapons, 500 surface-to-air missiles and nine howitzers with ammunition to the war zone in Ukraine. The Bundestag also decided to establish a special fund of 100 billion euros for the Federal German Army and wants to amend the Constitution for this purpose. The MLPD condemns these decisions in the strongest possible terms.

  2. One must speak of the acute threat of a world war. The danger of a 3rd World War has never been as great. Ukraine is the site of a war between two imperialist camps - USA/NATO and Russia - which currently show that they are prepared for everything. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is preparing to cancel the NATO-Russia Founding Act, in which NATO pledges, among other things, not to deploy nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe. New-imperialist Russia is also increasing its threats and putting its nuclear forces on alert. SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared that for "nuclear sharing" he would further develop the Eurofighter for use with American nuclear weapons. The German government thus reaffirms its readiness and demand for access to the use of nuclear weapons.

  3. Scholz went on to say, "Without any ifs or buts, we stand by our obligation to provide assistance in NATO. ... President Putin should not underestimate our determination to defend every square meter of alliance territory together with our allies. We are very serious about this." What is Germany doing "on every square meter" of Eastern Europe? It is also an commitment from the lessons of Hitlerite fascism that German troops have no place abroad. The CDU/CSU, supposedly the opposition in the Bundestag, declares unrestricted support for Scholz and tops it off with its hard-liner Friedrich Merz: "Today's decision can only be the minimum." It is no coincidence that the government also receives full support from the AfD on the issue of expanding armaments. What was unthinkable just a few weeks ago has been evoked by massive psychological war preparation and war rhetoric on the part of German politics, its institutions and monopolies, and the bourgeois media.

  4. The Ukrainian Selensky government is neither democratic nor worthy of support. It is a reactionary capitalist government that seeks to enter imperialist alliances like NATO and the EU. The working class and broad masses there are exploited and oppressed as in all capitalist countries. The population of Ukraine is one of the poorest in Europe, despite the country's wealth in raw materials. Displaying communist symbols is prohibited under penalty in Ukraine. In 2018, there were legal torchlight marches in Kyiv honoring Hitler collaborators, and the government has integrated the fascist Azov regiment into its army. Last summer, Volodymyr Selensky personally fell in the backs of striking miners in his hometown of Kryvy Rih and backed the mining oligarch's brutal repression of strike leaders. And now he is suddenly supposed to be a representative of these people and these workers? The KSRD in Ukraine, which is closely linked to the MLPD, writes on 27 February 2022: "We think that this is a clear and unfortunately tragic example of a struggle between different imperialists. It doesn't matter which of these imperialists is ' worse ' - every imperialism brings suffering and death." Our solidarity and support belongs not to the reactionary Selensky government, but to the Ukrainian workers, the mass of the population, who are under fire and fleeing in the tens of thousands.

  5. The German people and working class must - like the peoples and workers of other countries - unmistakably emphasize: We keep it with the KPD founder Karl Liebknecht, who in 1914, under the slogan "Not a man, not a penny for this system!" was the only one in the Reichstag to vote against the war loans: "The vital interests of the proletariat (working class) in all countries are equal and common. They require that the proletarians of all countries, by the most vigorous development of the class struggle, unite their efforts to put an end to the barbarous slaughter of human beings as soon as possible and to impose upon the belligerent governments their common will for peace." (Collected Speeches and Writings, Vol. 8) [own translation]

  6. Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) declares that the war loans are "an investment in our freedom", in "our order of values". The international working class follows a different order of values than Mr. Lindner. His phrases about freedom and democracy are nothing but demagogic fraud. All bourgeois parties in Germany are service providers of the dictatorship of the monopolies; bourgeois democracy is their shell. Everything is subordinated to the interests of the leading monopoly capital. This system does not ensure freedom and democratic values, just as the government does not keep its promises of social change and resolute environmental protection. The social, political and ecological achievements and demands are now to be plowed under with the course for war.

  7. NATO is not a peace alliance! The current conflict was prepared and evoked not only by the new-imperialist aggressor Russia, but also by the USA, as the main global warmonger, and NATO. It was U.S. President Donald Trump who canceled international disarmament agreements such as the INF Treaty and two other arms control agreements, which President Joe Biden did not reactivate either. Making Eastern Europe a NATO deployment area was not a peacekeeping measure. What is happening now is an expression of the failure of previous bourgeois diplomacy and imperialist pacifism. That means: preaching peace in words and pursuing imperialist policies in deeds.

  8. Times of war are always also times of psychological warfare, and today's debate in the Bundestag was no exception. Theatrically, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock campaigned for Germany's expanding of armaments, saying that a decision had to be made "between war and peace, between the aggressor and children in subway shafts." But neither NATO, nor the U.S., nor Germany is on the side of peace and children in Kyiv subway shafts. Neither of these governments stands for peace, the aggressors are on both sides of the front. This imperialist war is being fought, as always, on the backs of the masses of people and the working class of all countries. They are the decisive protagonists against this war!

  9. The MLPD calls on all peace-loving people to keep a clear head, to take a proletarian class standpoint, not to swear to "national unity" with warmongers and not to be infected by the war hysteria! The 500,000 people who demonstrated today in Berlin stand for the great desire for peace of the mass of the population. At the same time, consciousness must be considerably sharpened not to side with any imperialist warmongering.

  10. Chancellor Scholz calls for a "national exertion of force". The working class and the masses of the world are not ready to pay for the imperialist war policy! This, while others are enriching themselves from this war. For example, the German armaments company Kraus-Maffei-Wegmann, with dollar signs in its eyes, offered a special delivery of 50 tanks. The invocation of "national unity" is typical of those in power in wartime. We, on the other hand, organize workers' unity across national borders.

  11. At the beginning of World War I, the German Emperor called on all parties to a Burgfrieden (truce). We are currently experiencing a kind of modern truce policy in Germany. Politicians with a left-wing image from the SPD, the Greens and even parts of the Left Party are siding with NATO's armament policy. During the election campaign, the Greens demanded in their election program a "new push for disarmament" and "no weapons in war zones", with which they won many young voters. What the MLPD advocated, not only in the election campaign, is now being confirmed: the opportunism of these parties, which "help shape" capitalism and imperialism, leads in times of crisis and war to social chauvinism and to the open betrayal of the interests of the workers', environmental and peace movements.

Develop active resistance against the acute danger of a 3rd World War !

Russia and USA/NATO: Hands off Ukraine! Stop the Russian bombardments and withdraw the Russian troops!

Onto the streets against the war and the armament plans of the German government: The latest decisions must be taken back!

No German exports of arms, no soldiers to Eastern Europe! Withdrawal of all German troops from abroad!

The main enemy is at home!

Dissolve NATO and all imperialist military alliances!

Strengthen the Internationalist Alliance as an organizational form of the new peace movement!

Strengthen the revolutionary workers' party MLPD and its youth league Rebell!

Fight for the right of self-determination of peoples, for peace, friendship among peoples, genuine socialism!

Workers of all countries, unite! Workers of all countries and oppressed, unite!


2th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War

Active resistance against every imperialist aggression – whether of USA/NATO or Russia! Fight against the danger of a world war!

Central Committee of the MLPD (24 February 4.30 p.m.)

  1. With the war between Russia and Ukraine, we find ourselves in a process in which the crisis of the imperialist world system is openly erupting. Contrary to the talk of those in power about a "global peace order", it has now happened what the MLPD has been pointing out all along: based on laws, imperialism leads to war. Concretely, Russia has aggressively begun the attack on Ukraine with imperialist motivation. The situation was equally brought about by the world's main warmonger, the USA, with NATO. An unjust war has broken out in Europe from both sides, Ukraine and Russia. There is a danger of a direct military clash between troops of USA/NATO and Russia. This is the hour for building a new peace movement, which must be directed against all imperialist warmongers.

  2. In the morning hours of 24 February, new-imperialist Russia de facto declared war on Ukraine. Russian missiles attacked Ukrainian air force and air defenses in and around major cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, and Mariupol, which is the necessary precondition for advancing ground troops. The Russian army crossed the Ukrainian border. Already in the weeks before, hundreds of thousands of soldiers had been concentrated on the Ukrainian border. The MLPD condemns the actions of the aggressive new-imperialist robber Russia under Vladimir Putin.

  3. As the world's main warmonger and provocateur, the U.S. and NATO helped to cause this war. War was provoked with the word-breaking NATO eastward expansion to Russia's borders, the encirclement of Russia with over 700 U.S. and NATO military bases, current further troop deployments to Eastern Europe, and a nearly synchronized psychological war preparation. NATO defense plans for Eastern Europe were activated and 45,000 troops of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force were put on alert.


1th Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD on the Ukraine War

Ukraine: Stop the Dangerous Warmongering Starting from USA and NATO!

Active Resistance Against Every Imperialist Aggression – Whether by USA/NATO or Russia!

The Central Committee of the MLPD has just published a statement on the development of the threat of war over Ukraine.

  1. The MLPD condemns the dangerous warmongering, which serves the imperialist striving for world domination on the backs of the masses. U.S. imperialism, as the main warmonger, is at the head of the aggressive actions of NATO: For more than 20 years, it has broken its word and provoked with the eastward expansion of NATO. Russia is surrounded by at least 700 US and NATO military bases. NATO has not de-escalated by one millimeter in the last weeks, on the contrary. For weeks it has been aggravating the situation with the expanding of armament and troop redeployments to Eastern Europe. One threat of sanctions follows the next. During the night of 22 February 2022, Russia's President Putin announced the recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk as "independent." Subsequently, the deployment of Russian troops there was announced. This move had also been provoked by provocations from Ukraine, and U.S. President Biden was literally talking up a war. Putin's aggressive measures are also unacceptable and an expression of Russia's new-imperialist policy. Now an open war in Europe threatens, which also intensifies the general danger of world war.

  2. The background of the growing aggressiveness lies in the world economic and financial crisis that has been going on since mid-2018. More and more imperialist powers are seeking advantages in the redivision of spheres of power and influence. The unprecedented raw materials and logistics crisis has plunged the reorganization of international production into an open crisis, further hampering economic development. The economy of the superpower USA has fallen behind massively in recent years and is aggressively fighting for its supremacy. Therefore, NATO is expanding armament for strategic reasons. Aptly, the 11th Party Congress of the MLPD in 2021 had qualified: "At the center of the strategic war plans are again inter-imperialist wars, especially USA/NATO on the one side, China and Russia on the other."

  3. The increased scarcity of raw materials is no reason for the rulers of the world to resolutely switch to renewable energies - instead, the inter-imperialist competition over the question of who profits most from access to and trade in fossil raw materials such as oil and gas is flaring up. Prices are rising rapidly at the expense of the masses - overnight, the price of gas leaped by another 13%. Donetsk and Lugansk are home to Europe's fourth-largest fracking gas deposits, in addition to large coal mines. With North-Stream II, Russia wants to secure the European market. This is in direct contrast to the USA's efforts to sell its fracking gas in Europe. So far, this has not been feasible because the gas is more expensive and is extracted with methods extremely harmful to the environment. “Climate” Minister Robert Habeck is also using the situation as a justification for this. He promptly pushes to build new terminals for this.

  4. The MLPD protests against the policy of the SPD/FDP/Alliance 90/The Greens government, which actively participates in the warmongering of NATO. It hypocritically presents itself in public as a “mediator”. But at the same time, Chancellor Olaf Scholz proclaims a “geopolitical turn of the tide”, propagates the greater presence of the German Armed Forces in the Baltic States, and wants to increase the military budget significantly. These are all measures that have been impossible to implement so far. The crisis-damping measures by the German government are imperialist pacifism. Contradictions among the German monopolies exist at most because Russia is an important supplier and sales market for Germany, with which German imperialism does not want to spoil its business because of its dependency on exports.

  5. Opportunism inevitably leads to social-chauvinism! The reconciliation with imperialism, no matter what color, leads sooner or later to the defense of imperialist wars. SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (also SPD) are expanding arms spending and foreign deployments of the German Armed Forces. Alliance 90/The Greens are currying favor with the aggressive U.S. government. Cem Özdemir (Greens), for example, called on Deutschlandfunk radio for demonstrations against Putin, instead of environmental blockades against his government. Revisionists from the Left Party or the DKP, on the other hand, openly defend the reactionary Putin regime. Whoever stands up for peace must oppose every imperialist power equally. In order to be able to leave over a world in peace and freedom and in unity of humanity and nature for future generations, imperialism must be overcome in a revolutionary way and genuine socialism must be fought for!

  6. The military theorist Carl von Clausewitz already stated that every war includes winning public opinion. In this sense, a psychological preparation for war, unprecedented in the last years, is being staged by the imperialist powers of NATO. Presently, the major bourgeois media in Germany have been almost brought into line on this issue. Even from otherwise critical journalists with a left-liberal claim, hardly a word of criticism of the saber-rattling of the U.S. and NATO, but often even demands for the aggravation of the measures. The MLPD stands for the independent orientation in the sense of the proletarian class standpoint: The borders do not run between the peoples, but between above and below, as Karl Liebknecht brought it to the point.

  7. The imperialists also justify their warmongering ideologically with their omnipresent anticommunism. NATO fantasizes that Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union. Yet Putin himself argues with anticommunism. In his speech on 21 February 2022, he complained that “Lenin” and “communist Russia” stood up for Ukraine's right to self-determination and that Stalin had even enlarged Ukraine's territory. Rightly, as early as 1917, Lenin demanded "full recognition of the Ukraine’s rights, including the right to free secession." (Lenin Collected Works, Vol. 25, p.92) The socialist Soviet Union was a voluntary union of peoples. This was the exact opposite of today's Russian imperialist great-power plans. Here, too, applies: Don't give anti-communism a chance!

  8. Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe and, at the same time, has large reserves of raw materials. The support of the government of Ukraine, which is supposed to “defend democratic Western values”, is treacherous: The Ukrainian government itself has moved massively to the right, pursues an aggressive war policy and also cooperates with proto-fascist or even fascist groups such as the Azov Regiment. So these are the “Western values”! Even if criticisms from the population about the Ukrainian repression are justified: the “people's republics” Donetsk and Lugansk are not autonomous, but under the leadership of Putin's lackeys.

  9. International workers' solidarity is of decisive importance in these days. The will for peace of the working class and the masses stands in the way of imperialist aggression and must be strengthened. Only 15% of Germans are in favor of supplying arms to Ukraine, in the USA it is similar. Marxist-Leninists from Russia write to the MLPD "that despite the constant media propaganda, the people of Russia and Ukraine are not interested in war and do not support it." It must be clear to everyone: The burdens of an imminent war will be shifted to the masses. Comrades of the ICOR organization KSRD from Ukraine report: "The miners on both sides of the front line [are] in immediate military danger." ICOR, the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations, takes a clear anti-imperialist position in its current resolution. This was signed by 33 ICOR organizations, including the MLPD as well as the MLP from Russia and the KSRD from Ukraine. Instead of bourgeois nationalism, militarism and warmongering - Long live international solidarity!

  10. The MLPD and its youth league Rebell call especially on the youth: Rebellion against all warmongers! The youth will not let itself be sent to the slaughter for monopoly interests and world domination plans. Together with the Internationalist Alliance, MLPD and Rebell promote the building of a new peace movement directed against all imperialists. This must be expressed at this year's Easter marches. In this sense they support initiatives for active resistance, e.g. through the Internationalist Alliance. In case of an openly war-like clash of Russian and Ukrainian or NATO troops, it will call for protests at 6 p.m. on the following day in accordance with the ICOR resolution. To build up an active resistance of the masses, consciousness raising is necessary, because many people still underestimate the danger of a 3rd World War, lack clarity about the causes or panic.

In view of the acute danger of war in Ukraine, active resistance to preserve world peace is challenged!

  • NATO and Russia: Hands off Ukraine! No invasion of imperialist troops!

  • Dissolution of NATO and all imperialist military alliances, as well as the intervention units of the EU and the German Armed Forces! No German troops abroad!

  • Strengthen the building of the international antifascist and anti-imperialist united front!

  • Workers of all countries, unite! Workers of all countries and oppressed, unite!

  • Fight for the right of self-determination of peoples, for peace, friendship among peoples, genuine socialism!

  • Organize yourselves in the MLPD and its youth league Rebell!


1International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations

2Stefan Engel, On the Emergence of the New-Imperialist Countries, p. 40 and p. 9


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