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The imperialist war in Ukraine and the danger of nuclear war

Contribution of the PPDS Tunisia for the Webinar of the antiimperialist and antifascist United Front on 24 July 2022:


Dear comrades

We express our revolutionary communist greetings to the ICOR organization for its militant monitoring of the ongoing imperialist war. And through the seminars and meetings held and the statements issued which express in their content firm revolutionary positions as a contribution to the revolutionary struggle against the imperialist war in Ukraine

we also salute all the communist parties of the world and all the revolutionaries who have made brilliant efforts of struggle, either through meetings or meetings and declarations for the struggle against this war based on the non-alignment with both imperialist camps and that in the sense of raising the banner of the workers and peoples, in the revolutionary confrontation of this war for peace and socialism

we renew our solidarity with the communists in Ukraine who are subjected to brutal repression, arrests and imprisonment by the fascist regime of Zelensky

our communist comrades

Six months have passed since the declaration of imperialist war on Ukrainian lands which proves the validity of the readings that have shown that this war will be prolonged, will continue and will bear signs of its generalization and global spread, through its content, since it represents an expression in depth of the state of the conflict and its development between the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian powers over energy resources and transportation, and of the consequences of the recent world capitalist crisis that has pushed this conflict to its climax, the Russians tend to control the energy resources of gas and oil in order to serve its monopoly and to increase its influence in this context, and through this, it controls all the supplies and transports in Europe, and other important regions of the world, while the Euro-Atlantic parties seek, through expansion into Eastern European countries, to dominate the wealth of these countries and control the energy supply routes in order to control them and hinder the efforts of the Russian monopolies, It is also possible that the American and British efforts to intensify this war and extend it to Europe for deeper purposes may fall within the realm of obtaining new positions for their monopolies on European soil in light of their declining influence in some other parts of the world. Ukraine represents in this context, the arena of imperialist conflict and a pivotal point. These are the facts of this imperialist war on the Ukrainian terrain, and the reason for its continuation is only the depth of the conflict between its forces. All the repeated speeches of Putin about defense of Russian national security and Russian lands against fascism and liberation of Donbass, or of Biden, Johnson and Macron about liberation of Ukraine and defense of its national sovereignty and European peace, is nothing but bourgeois propaganda about the war in order to hide its real nature and to deceive the workers and peoples and integrate them into the plans and goals of the bourgeois classes.

In the last six months that have passed everything has confirmed these facts and that the reality of this war is moving towards its intensification and world expansion as the banners of imperialist war are now looming up as proven by the development of the latest events. Putin is advancing towards total control of the Donbass with his hegemony and intervention in several important regions of Ukraine, achieving victorious military steps with specific objectives while threatening with the use of his nuclear weapons and support of Belarus with nuclear warheads at the same time as the European Union, America and Britain continue their military and financial support for Zalensky. NATO's activities have been intensified by military supplies through its European affiliates and through its intensive summits and meetings lately. Two important summits took place this year, the first in March, in which NATO expressed its intensive military support to Ukraine, and the second, which took place at the end of June in Madrid, which clearly announced the war and this is part of the decisions taken to accept the accession of Finland and Sweden, which fall under the military encirclement of Russia, the strengthening of the presence of NATO in Europe, Considering Russia as the first enemy and liberation of Ukraine as the first main goal of the alliance, and this was expressed in the speech of NATO, as part of its decisions and program, of a global imperialist war. These recent developments and events, and through what has been announced by both sides, especially the results of the Madrid summit, indicate the continuation of the war and its global spread, with the possibility of the involvement of major world powers in this war, for example China, which America considers to be the primary enemy and ally of Russia, especially in light of the Sino-American competition for world supremacy

Today we are facing the danger of a global imperialist war, in which nuclear weapons will certainly be used. The conflict has intensified, and the workers and peoples of the whole world, especially in Europe, the stronghold of the war, must awaken and be ready to fight against and confront this war, and this will only be supported and led by the communist parties and anti-war revolutionaries by raising the banner of the workers and peoples and preparing the working class and the people in general for the revolutionary struggle against the war to end it and for the overthrow of capitalism and the declaration of socialism

This situation, more than ever, imposes important and crucial tasks on communists. The imperialist wars have historically represented a central axis in the revolutionary struggle towards socialism and a clear test for the communists in their firmness in relation to the Marxist-Leninist foundations in not aligning themselves with the bourgeois in conflict, but in the struggle against them in the name of the working class for the overthrow of capitalism. This must be proved in the struggle against Russia, which is waging war under the pretext of fighting fascism or the liberation of Donbass, and against the Euro-Atlantic party, which under the pretext of the Russian invasion is settling its accounts. Communists must prepare the working class, the impoverished people and the victims of the war to fight against both sides in order to end the war and achieve peace and socialism,


The Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party affirms its condemnation of this war and of the two parties that are contributing to it by fueling it, and affirms that it is with the pole of the workers and the peoples and against alignment. It seeks to develop work and coordination in the international communist movement with the communist parties that are firm on the Marxist-Leninist foundations in a struggle against imperialist and fascist wars towards the horizon of uniting efforts for the revolutionary response according to the established, renewing its solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian peoples who are the direct victims of this war and its consequences

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