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The lions of Iran

Myriam Bahramian, 9 December 2022


My heart overflows,


Immersed in the blood of the youth of this land,

The lions, these heroes, thirst for the blood of the executioners.


Mohsen(1), child of Iran, was hanged.

The new generations will avenge you,


With claws and teeth, the lions of Iran,

In the land of Mahsa(2), Nika(3), Hadis(4) and other Kavehs of Smiths(5)!

O ye lonely horsemen of this world, O ye my friends,

Tomorrow a radiant sun will rise on the Summit,


Many Arash(6) armed with bows and arrows will be needed,


O lions, eye and light of the world,

A disquieting burden weighs on your shoulders,


A thick night has penetrated the World,

Lions, lone stars, you shine in the vastness,


Crush the darkness, you're halfway there,

O devout lions, damned of the ways of Freedom,

May your endurance make the way appear!



(1) Erhängt am 8. Dezember 2022.

(2)(3)(4) Namen von drei weiblichen Märtyrern

(5) Revolutionäre Figur, Symbol der Arbeiterklasse.

(6) Person aus der persischen Mythologie, ausgerüstet mit Pfeil und Bogen, kämpfte auf dem Berg Damavand

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