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The Palestinian Cause between the Status Quo of the Intensification of Oppression and the Rise of the Patriotic Resistance

PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia


entury and the important events and facts that it has carried, especially in the Arab region, in the shadow of the reactionary imperialist Zionist attack on the Arab world in order to consolidate colonial domination, divide it, and perpetuate the status quo of oppression on its peoples, The Palestinian Cause is still occupying the top position of the movements of national and class liberation worldwide and the center of Arab liberation movement. In this path and in the shadow of the Zionist colonial project and as a direct result of the submissive approach and behavior has come the project of liquidating the Palestinian cause and, following and in connection to that, the overall criminal acts of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people that have intensified and deepened in these recent years so that the Palestinian people rise struggling as a revolutionary reaction to that, indicating that the revolutionary patriotic struggle and the approach of resistance are the only ways for Palestine towards its liberation and the restoration of the usurped land.


In the past two years, the number of crimes committed by the Zionists against the Palestinian people has escalated in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This criminality has been represented in brutal attacks, murder, assassinations,displacement,expulsion,demolition of homes... as a clear implementation of the project to liquidate the Palestinian cause. This national persecution, in its various aspects, has taken an actual escalating pattern since May 2021 in the events of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, since as a result of the decision to seize the homes of Palestinian families in the neighborhood to settle the Israelis, fierce confrontations have broken out between the Palestinians and the occupation forces, which has resulted in the fall of a number of martyrs. As a result, the pace of events has escalated in the light of direct confrontations, specifically after the break-in of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the forces of the Zionist army, where hundreds of martyrs fell as a result. Subsequently, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has become in a people’s militant confrontation against the occupation forces, where the events had developed into military confrontations between the resistance fractions and the Zionist army that exceeded ten days. The revolutionary people’s response to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has represented the resumption of the Palestinian people’s struggle against the liquidation project. In the path of the continuity of the struggle of the Palestinian people in its various fields and the valiant people’s resistance, the incident of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has been followed by the Negev desert incident at the beginning of 2022. Indeed, the farmers’ homes there were destroyed and their lands were bulldozed and seized. In response to that, the farmers’ response as a manifestation of a united people’s resistance has been steadfast and solid, and they have drawn a luminous struggle picture in the people’s resistance in their commitment to their land. Also it had coincided with that period the continuation of displacement in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, Nazareth, and Gaza Strip, in the shadow of which the Palestinian people has continued to resist and adhere to their land. The pattern of events has continued at the same pace, as in the month of April, the Zionist occupation forces broke in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attacked the worshipers. This attack resulted in a large number of injured and was interspersed with fierce confrontations between the residents of Jerusalem and the repressive Zionist forces. After the Zionist criminal activity had been concentrated in the West Bank, it moved to Gaza Strip. Last August, the Zionist occupation launched a military raid on Gaza Strip, which resulted in dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries, and the destruction of a large number of homes, where the response of the resistance forces was immediate.

In the light of the intensification of the Zionist reactionary attacks in this period in all aspects and at all levels, it has been also accompanied by the escalation of the people’s resistance. It has expanded all over the villages and cities between the Strip of Gaza and the the western Bank. It has intensified recently in the city of Nablus, where the Palestinian people, in an ascending manner, has engaged in direct confrontations with the occupation forces, persistently and steadfastly despite the terrible oppression. Due to the steadfastness of the people’s resistance, the occupation has recently imposed a siege on the city of Nablus, but despite the siege, the struggle has continued in Nablus, which has confused the Zionist army and prompted the occupation to re-launch its brutal attacks on Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and a number of Palestinian cities and villages, and has imposed another siege on the Shuafat camp.

Meanwhile ,the Zionist Israeli entity continue to imprison illegally and arbitrarily thousands of prisoners including women and children in inhuman conditions where they spend years and years without prosecution suffering from the worst forms of torture .

Facing all forms of oppression and repression, the patriotic resistance proves again its militancy in its widespread and escalation in all cities and villages in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip and the Diaspora, stressing that the patriotic resistance approach is the only revolutionary way to liberate Palestine and the realize victory for its struggling people.

On the other hand, the economic crisis and its social repercussions are exacerbated. As a product of the economic policy that the reactionary Palestinian Authority has devoted itself to, serving the interests of the comprador bourgeoisie, whose interests are organically linked to the Zionist occupation and the Zionist bourgeoisie, it has left nothing but extreme poverty and the social crisis in its various aspects. The sharp rise in prices and the shortage of basic consumables with low wages make the living conditions difficult for the majority of the Palestinian people in the West Bank. In addition, this economic policy, which in part was devoted to the approach of importing agricultural products from abroad, contributed to harming Palestinian farmers and imposing difficulties in marketing their products in light of the failure of the Authority to support farmers in production and marketing of the product. This economic policy in the agricultural field is organically linked to the policy of the occupation aiming at the displacement of farmers and the seizure of their lands. In the face of this economic policy in all its fields and its catastrophic legacies, workers, employees and farmers are waging an escalating social struggle calling for raising wages, reducing prices, imposing a fair tax system, and breaking with the economic policy that serves the interests of the Zionist state and building a productive economy based on the revitalization and development of the industrial and agricultural sectors.


Following the developments and changes, the Palestinian national cause has entered and resumed another phase characterized by the political bankruptcy of the Oslo surrender path of the so called peace process and rise of the revolutionary struggle against the project to liquidate the Palestinian cause in the return of the patriotic resistance approach. This is confirmed by the reality today that through the patriotic resistance, victories are achieved and that the surrender solutions only lead towards the path of liquidating the Palestinian cause and the comprehensive and complete Zionist settler occupation. It also confirms the validity of the one-state solution, not the two-state solution, for the goal of the Zionist occupation is to occupy all the land of Palestine. There is no alternative and way towards that but the revolutionary patriotic struggle for the complete defeat of settler colonialism and the liberation of all the land of Palestine.

Even Algiers accord that was signed few days ago between Fatah and Hamas the 2 major right wing fractions does not really reflect the new reality and does not include priorities pf the oppressed and reppresed Palestinian people , that is why Palestinians neglected it and the news of resistance and martyrs of Alquds and Naplouse was reigning as Palestinians buried all the illusions about the authority and Hamas and their division .

The scene formed today in the return of the resistance and its steadfastness and its widespread throughout the land of Palestine, accompanied by the continuous struggle of the farmers and the social struggle of the working class and the overall wage earners, requires its organization and militant unity in the comprehensive people’s patriotic resistance, and put an end to the state of division, adopting the approach of the revolutionary patriotic struggle on the basis of a patriotic militant program that includes all patriotic revolutionary parties and patriotic resistance forces breaking with the Oslo approach, towards the formation of the Patriotic Front for Resistance that brings together all of these patriotic factions. It is also necessary against the Palestinian Authority’s puppetry and its service of the projects of the Zionist occupation and its criminality against the Palestinian people, to re-formand restructure the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on the basis of resistance in a break with the existing authority and all those who walk around it and to move towards the dissolution of the Oslo Authority and withdrawal from mutual recognition with the Zionist occupation state and the declaration of the return to a Palestinian government in exile, the Palestine Liberation Government. These interim goals in the struggle’s march towards their achievement contribute to ending the shackling past and the path of rooting the patriotic resistance and the revolutionary patriotic struggle from its various dimensions towards the comprehensive end of the Zionist occupation, the comprehensive liberation of Palestine and the building of the one Palestinian patriotic state.

The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people is achieving very important results but it is not enough .Hence, international solidarity is of paramount importance .Here comes the initiative of ICOR in organizing an international solidarity day with Palestine and Palestinian prisoners on November 26 back to back with the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine on November 28 to intensify international solidarity and coordinate efforts and pressure to put the Palestinian cause in the forefront of our revolutionary struggle.

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