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The revolutionary masses will not let the execution of Mohsen Shekari go unanswered

Contribution to United Front Webinar, Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran


The criminal regime of the Islamic Republic executed Mohsen Shekari, a political prisoner and one of the detainees of current nationwide protests, at dawn of Thursday, December 8th, 2022. Mohsen Shekari was arrested during the revolutionary uprising and nationwide protests on September 25th in Sattar Khan Street, Tehran. Mohsen was sentenced to death on November 1st by Tehran court on false charges of "pulling a weapon with the intention of killing and creating terror and depriving people of freedom and security, as well as blocking Sattar Khan Street in Tehran and disrupting the order and security of society".


Mohsen Shekari's death sentence is a political sentence more than being a legal one, and its main target was the masses of militant and brave people who are fighting on the streets and whom the regime is trying to intimidate.


The state murder of Mohsen Shekhari is the response of the Islamic regime to the nationwide protests and strikes on December 5th, 6th and 7th, which has shaken the foundations of this regime. The freedom-loving men and women and the fighting people of Iran with their three-day protests and their revolutionary action told the rulers in Iran that repression, imprisonment, torture, execution and killing of unarmed people will not affect their determination to overthrow this criminal regime. This regime should know that it is not like the 1980s anymore when thousands of political prisoners were secretly handed over to the death squads and buried in unmarked graves. It has been about three months since the freedom-loving men and women of Iran turned the streets, universities, schools, factories, and even the funerals into bastions for freedom and equality and the battle to overthrow the Islamic regime. The rising masses will accept nothing less than the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic.


The regime is killing political prisoners in prisons in order to intimidate people outside the prisons. It is very foolish, as by committing this crime, the regime is pouring more fuel on the flames of the revolution. There is no doubt that the regime will see the result of its policies outside the prisons and on the streets. This time the slogan of "Political prisoners must be released" will be shouted much louder than before in front of regime's prisons and torture centers. The rising masses of people will release their children from prisons by organizing united and widespread protest rallies in front of the prisons while shouting "Political prisoners must be freed".


The free, fighting men and women who have experienced three revolutionary uprisings and thousands of labor strikes and protests in just five years are aware and know that it is the perpetrators and upholders of the current situation who should go to prison, that is, those who are responsible for making up cases against people's children like Mohsen Shekari and take them to prison and torture them; those who kill people's dear ones and bury them in unknown graves; the same ones who loot the society's wealth and who have imposed a huge burden of suffering, deprivation and violations on the people. The day is not far when the foundations of all this tyranny and oppression of the capitalist Islamic government will collapse and the criminal officias and agents of this regime will be publicly tried and punished for their actions in people's courts.


Political prisoners must be released immediately!

Down with the regime of the Islamic Republic!

Long live freedom, equality and workers' state!


Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran December 8, 2022

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