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To the working class and the oppressed of the world!

MLKP Central Committee, February 24, 2022


The imperialist competition between Russia and the USA and NATO have turned Ukraine into a battlefield. In response to the U.S. and British plan to bring Ukraine into NATO in order to further physically besiege Russia, Putin's government has responded by occupying Ukraine. The entire burden and suffering of this imperialist competition and war of plunder is borne by the workers, the toilers and the poor.

During his occupation attack Putin, the head of imperialist Russia, spit venom against the "Bolshevik Lenin" who abolished the national enslavement of the Ukrainian people and against the USSR under the leadership of Stalin, who with the strong solidarity of the Soviet working class and peoples made Ukraine a free and developed socialist republic. He expressed his hatred against the October Revolution, which destroyed Tsarist Russia as a prison of peoples, implemented the right of self-determination of nations and paved the way for a free unity of nations, the USSR.

The USA, England and the EU states, apart from their previous history, are also responsible for the fact that countless countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe were occupied and tens of millions of people were murdered in the cruelest way. In chorus, they now publish statements full of lies and hypocrisy. While the blood of millions of people who died in the 21st century, in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan has not yet dried up, they now proclaim to be against the occupation because of their "Western values" and to be ready for war "for the defense of freedom". They try to hide their imperialist goals with the most vile lies.

The Turkish Republic and the fascist political Islamist Tayyip Erdoğan declared to be against the occupation of Ukraine, making fun of the peoples, because the Turkish state keeps Northern Kurdistan under colonial yoke, keeps many cities of Rojava and Syria under occupation, has dozens of occupation bases in Southern Kurdistan, sends occupation gangs to Libya, supported the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan in every way.


We raise the powerful voice of the working class, women, youth, poor and toilers of the world against the entire exploiting, plundering, anti-people powers:

1) Russia must immediately end its imperialist occupation.

2) NATO bases around the world must be lifted, its soldiers must withdraw and NATO as a war apparatus must be disbanded.

3) The occupation of Rojava and Syria by the Turkish Republic, the USA and Russia must end immediately.

4) The government of Ukraine must fulfill the demands of the people of Donetsk and Luhanks.

We have to raise the demand for a free, just and fraternal world to a flag. We have to strengthen the international solidarity of the working class and oppressed and the fraternity of peoples all over the world through rallies, demonstrations, strikes, boycotts, blockades and any kind of mass action.

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