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To the working class and the oppressed of the world!

MLKP Central Committee


The imperialist competition between Russia and the USA and NATO has turned Ukraine into a battlefield. Putin's government responded to the U.S. and British plan to bring Ukraine into NATO in order to expand the physical siege of Russia by occupying Ukraine. The entire burden and suffering of this imperialist competition and war of plunder is on the shoulders of the workers, toilers and the poor.
During his occupation attack the head of imperialist Russia Putin spit venom against the "Bolshevik Lenin" who abolished the national enslavement of the Ukrainian people and against the USSR under the leadership of Stalin, which made Ukraine a free and developed socialist republic with the strong solidarity of the Soviet working class and peoples. He expressed his hatred against the October Revolution, which destroyed Tsarist Russia as a prison of peoples, implemented the right of self-determination of nations and paved the way for a free unity of nations, the USSR. The USA, England and the EU states are also responsible for the fact that countless countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe were occupied and tens of millions of people were murdered in the cruelest way, not to mention their previous history. In chorus, they now publish statements full of lies and hypocrisy. While the blood of millions of people who died in the 21st century, in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan has not yet dried up, they now proclaim to be against the occupation because of their "Western values" and to be ready for war "for the defense of freedom". They try to hide their imperialist goals with the vilest lies.
The Turkish Republic and the fascist political Islamist Tayyip Erdoğan derided the peoples by declaring to be against the occupation of Ukraine, because the Turkish state keeps Northern Kurdistan under colonial yoke, keeps many cities of Rojava and Syria under occupation, has dozens of occupation bases in Southern Kurdistan, sends occupation gangs to Libya, supported the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan in every way.
We raise the powerful voice of the working class, women, youth, poor and toilers of the world against the entire exploiting, plundering, anti-people powers.

1) Russia must immediately end its imperialist occupation.

2) NATO bases around the world must be lifted, its soldiers must withdraw and NATO as a war apparatus must be disbanded.

3) The occupation of Rojava and Syria by the Turkish Republic, the USA and Russia must end immediately.


4) The government of Ukraine must fulfill the demands of the people of Donetsk and Luhanks.

Raise the demand for a free, just and fraternal world to a flag. Strengthen the international solidarity of the working class and oppressed and the fraternity of peoples all over the world through rallies, demonstrations, strikes, boycotts, blockades and any kind of mass action.

February 24, 2022
Central Committee

Down with imperialist hypocrisy - Long live the resistance of the oppressed peoples!

The imperialist alliance led by the USA pursues the policy of protecting Israel, restricting Russia, encircling Iran and stopping China. This is the policy of the financial oligarchy. In conditions of existential crisis of capitalism, it is inevitable that this policy will trigger regional and international wars, because whenever the capitalist market falters, wars are brought to the rescue. The latest example is the occupation of Ukraine in response to Russian imperialism's initiative to admit Ukraine into NATO.
The Western imperialists pushed Ukraine as a pioneer against Russia whereas Zelensky, who is a stooge of imperialism, who represents the policy of the oligarchy and who is one of the patrons of the fascists, launched as a freedom fighter. This is a big lie.
From the chairmanship of the National Security Council to the prosecutor's office, all essential state posts in Ukraine have been occupied by fascist Nazis. Fascist armed militias were incorporated and legitimized in the state institutions. National traitors who collaborated with Hitler's fascist troops in the war against the USSR have gained the status of "national heroes". The position of deputy chief of staff was filled by a fascist who is infatuated with the Nazis. The law on minority languages was repealed, banning Russian, Romanian and Hungarian. Laws prohibiting communism were passed and communist symbols were banned. Ukraine is being fascized for a long time. Zelensky is the last head of this fascization.
Russian imperialism under the leadership of Putin, who declares himself the new tsar, started a war of occupation against Ukraine under the pretext of protecting the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. The occupation is unjust; Putin wants to transform Russia into a capitalist-imperialist empire.
The proclamation of autonomy and subsequent independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics are just and legitimate. No matter where in the world, the uprising against national repression and oppression is just and legitimate. We Kurds know this all too well. We support the struggle of the peoples of Donetsk and Luhansk against the chauvinist and fascist policies of the Ukrainian state. Russia did not go to war to protect them, but to take their soil for itself. It was not Russia that transformed Ukraine from a regressive agrarian country into a developed industrial state, but the Soviet Union. Zelensky and Putin are siblings in their hostility to socialism and in their chauvinism. Their capitalist interests lead them to fight.
In this war, both imperialist sides, both the U.S. and Russia, are in the wrong, as is the stooge of the financial oligarchy, the Zelensky government. The peoples of Donetsk and Luhansk are in the right.
The U.S. and NATO, which pose as protectionists of freedom fighters against the Russian occupation, ignore the Turkish state's occupation of Rojava and Southern Kurdistan. Russia recognizes the Donetsk and Luhanks People's Republics, but Rojava is defined as "separatist" and forced to submit to Assad. The imperialists are hypocritical, they are the political representatives of the monopoly capital and protect only the interests of the financial oligarchy, that is what they are fighting for.
We, the communists of Kurdistan, condemn this war that is being waged for the interests of the monopoly capital. The sides that are waging this war are reactionary and wrong. We communists from Kurdistan support the resistance of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics against national oppression.

No to imperialist wars and occupations!
Long live the resistance of the oppressed peoples against national repression and oppression!
Occupation forces out of Rojava and all of Kurdistan!

March 9, 2022
Kurdistan Organization

MLKP/FESK guerrilla Songül Dilek was arrested in Istanbul in September 2019 during a police operation. In court, she defended the revolutionary struggle with the following speech:

I would like to start by rejecting all the exaggerated accusation templates of the prosecution. Ibn Khaldun once said "geography is destiny". Marx explained this by saying that human is the product of material social relations. From this I conclude that my reality is determined by a threefold character as oppressed gender, oppressed identity, and oppressed class.
A year before the military coup in 1980, when I was only a few months old, my mother's breast was cut out by a fascist doctor in Elazig to let her die. That was the first one-sided confrontation between fascism and my life. Much later it came out that the same doctor murdered numerous Kizilbash (Alevi) Kurds and revolutionaries.
It cannot be said that I fully understood the atmosphere of fear created by the coup. But the state of war in the 1990s shaped the development of my personality. As you know, the 1990s were defined by the worldwide defeat of socialism, which subsequently retreated. In the same years, the revolutionary awakening of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan occurred. The Turkish state has sharpened the years of denialist, colonial war into a special war. Commandos with burgundy berets (Bordo Bereliler), special forces, Hezbollah counter-guerrilla units and the like used barbaric methods against the people. During this period, my uncle became one of the 17,000 murdered whose perpetrators are known. Another uncle was subjected to systematic torture as village chief and hanged himself years later in our burned village. The assimilation, degeneration and depravity policies of Kemalist ideology were openly imposed on us. As a result of this assimilation, I do not fully master my own mother tongue, Zazaki.
All in all, it is a right and morality of being human to defend the right to life, one's identity, faith and culture against destruction, denial and enslavement. In our language we say "Every herb grows from its own root, every bird sings in its own language". According to this reality, I see it as a natural consequence that I became a revolutionary. This natural decision was completed by the fact that years later I became a member of MLKP in accordance with the ideology of scientific socialism. So the only correct thing in the pre-drawn indictment of the public prosecutor's office is that I am a member of MLKP. MLKP is not a terrorist organization, as the prosecutor claims, but a communist party. The second aspect of the indictment is about "endangering the state unity and sovereignty".
As a person who defends the equality, unity and fraternity of nations and their voluntary unity, I definitely reject this accusation. The right of self-determination of nations is in the hands of each nation. It is up to all others to respect and recognize it. The unity and sovereignty that are cited consist of an illusion whose essence is exclusionary and nationalistic. Because the ruling Turkish bourgeoisie has divided, excluded and denied the other nations and peoples.
It came to the point that the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic forcefully resettled, committed genocides and massacres against Kurds who have been living independently and autonomously in Mesopotamia since the Sumerians, and against Armenians who lived autonomously in Anatolia. It is also no secret that non-Muslims were dispossessed and expelled.
Today, centuries-old colonialism is the main problem of the Kurdish question. Currently, the colonial policy and mentality of the "one fatherland, one nation, one religion, one language" type is going on. With the Suruc massacre, the AKP broke off the period of negotiations and started a new all-out war. I joined the guerrillas when the peace negotiations were broken off. I have the right to fight against an unjust war and oppression in the country where I was born. This right also has historical owners. As you know, with the implementation of the Şark Islahat Plan, the massacre of Dersim was committed. The reason for this massacre, this genocide, was the Kizilbash Kurds. Celal Bayar should then say "Atatürk said 'I take responsibility, we will attack Dersim' and we attacked". We are people who grew up with the traces of a tragedy that can never ever be erased from social memory.
For example, from my grandmother I heard the stories about how in the country where I was born, two sisters who had been raped and murdered by soldiers were thrown down the abyss, people were gassed in caves and burned alive in their homes. Babies were torn from their mothers' bellies with bayonets. In the Ali Boğaz caves mentioned in the indictment, I saw with my own eyes where my grandmother was hiding at that time, her hair, the cartridges rusting in their chests, the rubber shoes of the children. I have also felt the cries of the women at Munzur and Tağar and the power from the leader Seyit Rıza inside me. In my life in the mountains, I also never forgot that Alişer and Zarife (insurgents from the Kocgiri Uprising) fell victim to treachery. I would like to add that the guerrilla struggle that is been carried out for 38 years has shaped people like me. That is why I stepped into guerrilla life within a short time and did not see myself outside this history. And I was proud to walk on the same ground as the guerrillas and fight for the same cause.
Moreover, as a Kurdish woman, I am a fighter of the communist party. Bayram Namaz, whose heart beat for Kurdistan, said that the Kurdish question and the women's question are the trademarks of MLKP. These two factors were decisive for me to join MLKP. Our party, which announced its foundation with the Unity Revolution, sets the goal of a united revolution by adding a new front in the West to the revolution started in Kurdistan. Linked to this, it works politically and organizationally with a socialist-patriotic perspective in Kurdistan.
One of the military means of this work is the FESK rural guerrilla unit. The rural guerrilla is a new form of struggle for our party.
MLKP has taken it as a basis to learn from the experiences especially from Kurdistan, but also from Latin America, the Soviet Union, China or Nepal and has made it its task to realize itself in the mountains with all its shortcomings and successes, with modesty and progress. I remember with respect, gratitude and longing the people whose names are also mentioned in the indictment files: Veli Görgün and Ümit Yetik, who welded together tradition and youth, diligence and advance. Berfu Dilan Canbay, a young woman who went from the Gezi Uprising to the mountains. Irfan Gerçek, who was as convinced, enthusiastic and determined as the Munzur River. Taylan Kutlar, the hardworking commander of the mountains. Hıdır Çallı, a person of action. Moreover, I respectfully remember Hafize Özdemir, Hüseyin Akçiçek and Yılmaz Sessiz who built HBDH in Dersim and became immortal.
My identity as a woman played the main role in becoming a guerrilla fighter. The primary goal of MLKP/KKÖ, to which I belong, is women's revolution. The immortalized Yeliz, Şirin, Sibel, Medine, Ayşe Deniz, Sevda and many others have created the line and style of women in struggle. I am not only in KKÖ to do revolutionary work, but also to create myself in the revolution and paint the revolution in the color of women.
I am being charged in court for being associated with means of violence. Based on this, I would like to say a few words about the phenomenon of violence. Violence is a method of expressing contradictions between parts of society that have opposing interests. The ruling classes, for example, use systematic violence against the oppressed in order to preserve their economic and political privileges. For example, the state, which sees violence as its own right, bombed 34 Kurdish villagers with warplanes. Uğur Kaymaz, Ceylan Önkol, Berkin Elvan and other children were murdered by it. But the self-defense of the oppressed, their will to free themselves from fascism and dictatorship, is treated as a threat to state security, as a separatist-destructive terrorist act. That is why I consider it a democracy of the masses when millions of people unite for armed uprising against such a system. For example, the Daesh gangs could only be stopped by weapons. The Yazidi people could be saved from genocide by this. We women can protect ourselves in this way. Along with this, I think that violence as a whole is something bad for us that needs to be abolished. However, it is known that we are fighting to abolish the classes and the states that create this violence.
The murders of women today have reached the scale of mass murder of women. War, migration, unemployment and poverty have increased violence against women, children and LGBTI+. Physical, economic, psychological and sexual violence has grown. The necessary route of us women to our freedom is necessarily through our own defense and organizing against state terror and male violence. I salute from here my gender comrades who are fighting for women's liberation. I salute the International Day of the Working Woman. I salute the justice vigils of Saturday Mothers, Emine Şenyaşar and for Gülistan Doku, which are taking place in front of the court where I am accused. Also, I wish the relatives of the prisoners success in their work. Just now I have expressed my thoughts on violence. But this does not mean that I have carried out the actions that the prosecution accuses me of. I vehemently deny the charges of attempted manslaughter, premeditated attempted manslaughter, assault and arson listed in the indictment. If I had taken the actions, I would defend them. I stand behind the actions I take. The accusations that the prosecution lists are not concrete and without evidence.
The prosecution is obliged to prove its allegations. I invite the prosecution to fulfill its duty. The 400-page indictment is based on the lies of informers and police reports. For the last three days of the trial, the only evidence is that the denunciators have retracted their testimony. The aim is to influence the opinions of the judges through repression and suppression, through false, untenable and contradictory information and lies in the police intervention. I hope that the judges will not believe these accusations. While we are at it, I condemn the policy of denunciation fomented by the State. Lastly, I reject the attempted murders by nuclear, biological and chemical weapons mentioned in the indictment. In Dersim, the guerrillas have an attitude of protecting nature, starting with the chamois, not to mention not using such weapons. You also know that such weapons and methods belong to states. It is visible for everyone that the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of the capitalist states kill numerous people, destroy cities and destroy and poison nature. Not only through wars, but also through exploitation, the profit-based capitalist system brought nature out of balance and the climate crisis is leading the planet to the brink of disaster. I believe that an ecological attitude and understanding must become a norm from today. So I defend a relationship of respect with nature, harmony with nature and an equal relationship with species.
The last thing I want to say is about the political conjuncture my procedure takes place. The capitalist system is in a deep crisis. The disadvantage of history and politics causes revolutions. The revolution of equality, justice and freedom of millions is flowing into new revolutions. I believe that worldwide the optimal results must be taken into account by everyone, including the legal front. The growing labor strikes, resistances and occupations, the women's actions for the Istanbul Convention, alimony and against violence, and the actions of the oppressed against price increases, unemployment, poverty and hunger are the search for a new life. The crisis of the state is also clearly visible in the judiciary. For example, perpetrators of sexual violence are protected in the institutions of rule and the Diyanet (Presidency for Religious Affairs), while the sergeant responsible for the rape and death of Ipek Er is not even arrested. The murderers in the Şemdinli trial are acquitted, the JITEM (informal intelligence service of the gendarmerie) files have been closed, and anyone who criticizes Erdoğan is charged and can be arrested.
Now when we come to you, the mock trials are going on with judges instructed from the beginning. The indictment based on political attitudes is, in effect, the projection of the political-ideological attitude of the ruling class onto the judiciary. I think I have responded to the statements that have no basis and are neither credible nor provide evidence. I have been imprisoned for three years now and have seen rights being robbed and isolation being applied in prisons. Prisoners are additionally punished during their sentences. Prisoners like Aysel Tuğluk who are so sick that they cannot take care of themselves are not released. As can be seen from the example of Garibe Gezer, coffins are leaving the prisons. Mr Abdullah Öcalan has been held in isolation for 23 years without being able to realize his right to see a lawyer. I am committed to a classless, gender-liberating and ecological model of society. This is what I fought for as a Kurdish woman and became a guerrilla fighter. I am not guilty because I am one of those who want to make the world the land of children. Guilty are those, the perpetrators, who are guilty towards the children, women, LGBTI+, the people, humanity and nature. For this reason, I demand my release and acquittal.



Despite police bans women fill streets on 8 March

Under Erdogan's fascist palace regime, the escalating exploitation and enslavement of women are part of the islamist program, whereas women's uprising is growing. Thousands of women and LGBTI+ did not bow to the bans of the patriarchal state on March 8 and broke through the police barricades. Numerous rallies and demonstrations were organized on March 6 and March 8. The largest participation was in the evening demonstrations on March 8.
The March 8 actions were kicked off by the large women's gatherings on March 6. Hundreds of women gathered in Istanbul-Kadıköy to fight for their rights and their lives. Numerous women's groups first had to break through police barriers to reach the rally site. In addition to the militant women workers of Farplas, numerous LGBTI+ also participated in the action, where Turkish and Kurdish speeches have been held.
During the rallies, special attention was drawn to the systematic torture in prisons, remembering the prisoner Garibe Gezer, who was subjected to sexual and psychological violence, against which she resisted and committed suicide in protest. Freedom was demanded for Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk, who despite progressing serious illness, like many other prisoners, is not being released early from prison. Freedom for political prisoners was one of the main demands of the women. Deniz Poyraz was also remembered, who was murdered by a hitman in the Izmir HDP office. In this context, there was a call for self-defense against violence.
In Istanbul's Sarıgazi and May 1 neighborhoods, there were also kick-off demonstrations on March 6 that successfully took place despite police encirclement.
There were rallies in Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Izmir and Mersin between March 5 and 6. In Çanakkale, a March 8 event was held with HDP deputies.
The highlight of March 8 this year was again the evening demonstration in Istanbul-Taksim, where the men's state met the will of women, who victoriously demonstrated in defiance of a ban. Although all the streets in Taksim were closed off by the police and the demonstrators were attacked with pepper spray, the women and LGBTI+ managed to come together and demonstrate. They kicked down the police barricades and demonstrated resolutely for their freedom.
In Izmir, there were two demonstrations on March 8. At both, police barricades were broken to demonstrate. The first demonstration was called by the Izmir Women's Platform under the slogan "We rebel for an equal and free world without exploitation".
The second demonstration was the feminist evening demonstration.
The mother of Deniz Poyraz, who was murdered in Izmir, stood in the front row of the demonstration carrying a banner that read "Feminist uprising against patriarchy and poverty".
In Ankara, the evening demonstration was surrounded by police. Thousands of women stood against feminicide and for a return to the Istanbul Convention, giving speeches in Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic.
Evening demonstrations were also organized in Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Hatay, Bursa, Aydın, Manisa and many other cities on March 8 to commemorate the women murdered in each city.
In Antalya, police attacked the demonstration and detained dozens of women. To the women who resisted the attacks by saying "You are protecting the murderers," the police chief responded by saying "Of course we are protecting them," after which the women's anger increased.
At the evening demonstration in Bodrum, solidarity was expressed with Ukrainian women facing a war of aggression by Russian imperialism.
Solidarity was also expressed for the women under the Taliban in Afghanistan and in the fight against IS in Syria.
In Dersim, accountability was demanded for Gülistan Doku, who disappeared two years ago without a trace, with the state not taking action against the main suspect stepson of a police officer.
There were also large rallies in Van, Batman, Mardin, Malatya, Siirt, Batman and Şirnak where HDP deputies made speeches against colonialism and fascism for the liberation of women. The rallies ended with music, choral singing and halay dances. March 8 marked a strong prelude to preparations for the Newroz celebrations on March 21.
In northern and eastern Syria, March 8 was declared an official holiday. The women's revolution in the area was celebrated through numerous festive events.


Newroz Piroz Be!

The fire of rebellion that the blacksmith Kawa lit against the tyrant Dehak has shown the way to freedom. The Newroz fire that Kawa ignited has become a symbol of the uprisings and struggles of the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East against the oppressive rulers. This struggle, which has been carried out devotedly for years, and the flaming Newroz fire came together in the democratic revolution of the peoples of Rojava.
The colonialist fascist Dehaks are still oppressing our Kurdistan today. They murder those who fight for freedom. They impose surrender on those who want to live with dignity. They torture in the police stations, patrols and prisons of the colonialists. The modern Kawas are resisting this oppression, they are fighting against it. They defend their freedom, their dignity and their free soil sacrificially against the enemy. They are the fire bearers of the resistant and liberty fire of Newroz.

Light the Newroz 2022 fire against the colonial occupation and imperialist war

Turn Newroz 2022 everywhere the Kurdish people live, starting with Bakur, Başur, Rojhilat and Rojava Kurdistan, to a day to ignite the struggle against oppression, colonialism, occupation, collaboration, the oppression and isolation in prisons into an uprising.
Blaze the Newroz fire from the blacksmith Kawa against the imperialist war in Ukraine, against capitalism and imperialist globalization.
Unite against reactionary wars and the patriarchal system in the squares.
Shout revolution to the peoples as the only solution for a free and dignified life.
Make Newroz 2022 a day to liberate the occupied areas of Kurdistan, to lift the isolation of the Kurdish people's leader Ocalan and all revolutionary prisoners and all repression, and to increase national unity and freedom. Light the fire of resistance everywhere for a free and united Kurdistan.
Celebrate Newroz 2022 together with all oppressed peoples of the Middle East.

Let us make it a day that further strengthens and increases the unity of the peoples.

Newroz Piroz Be! (Happy Newroz!)

Biji Newroz Biji Sosyalizm! (Long live Newroz - Long live socialism!)

March 14, 2022
Kurdistan Organization

Unite on the Newroz squares to increase freedom, dignity and hope!

The USA, England, Germany, France and other imperialist NATO countries, which are in a competition of demagogy in view of the occupation of Ukraine using terms like "freedom", "peace", "human rights", continue to support the colonialists of the region in every way, above all the Turkish bourgeois state, so that they put down the struggle of the Kurdish people against denial, colonialism and occupation in blood. Russia is working closely with the occupying Turkish Republic in Rojava. The KDP, as a command servant of the fascist AKP-MHP bloc, which is hostile to the Kurdish nation's right to freedom and unity, has turned South Kurdistan into a war post of Turkish colonialism. Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria are maintaining the four-division of Kurdistan under the protection of the imperialists.
However, all this fails to stop the Kurdish people's struggle for national freedom and social liberation. Again and again, the boundless sacrifice, heroic deeds that glorify the dignity of human, the human rage against denial and colonialism, and the power of the people to recreate themselves from their ashes thwart the plans of the colonialists in the region, as well as the USA, Russia and the other imperialists. The people will not allow the fire of freedom to blow out. Let's make the fire blaze by filling the squares on Newroz. Raise the struggle against national denial, racism, genocidal fascist oppression, occupation, colonialism and the quadripartition in all of Kurdistan, Bakur, Başûr, Rojhilat and Rojava. Strengthen the democratic and revolutionary cooperation of the peoples in the region.
Stand by the Kurdish people in their just, necessary, legitimate and moral war and show that the brotherhood of peoples is not an empty promise by filling the squares on Newroz in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Build new positions in the struggle for freedom and socialism against the dictatorships and capitalist system in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, which are the enemies of the workers, women, youth, urban and rural laborers, the poor, LGBTI+, national communities, Alevis and Yezidis. Build the bridges of hope, enthusiasm, courage and victory in the squares on Newroz and May Day by strengthening the united resistance of the oppressed.

Bijî Newroz Bijî Sosyalizm! (Long live Newroz, long live socialism!)

March 16, 2022
Central Committee


Baran Serhat, the leading cadre of the socialist-patriotic line, is immortal!

In the third year of his immortality, we commemorate comrade Baran Serhat, the indomitable fighter and commander of the socialist-patriotic line. His comrades and the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East resolutely follow the line for which he fell. Communists raise the flag of socialism and communism above all in Northern Kurdistan and Rojava.
Baran Serhat died on March 23, 2019 as a result of an assassination attempt by the fascist Turkish colonial state in Serekaniye. With anger, the people of Rojava and Serekaniye learned about the attack on comrade Baran Serhat. This anger was shown in the fact that they visited the headquarters of MLKP-Rojava for days. They commemorated their communist leader with a grand mourning ceremony. They adopted his name and named their children after him. They are still organizing the socialist-patriotic line in the women's revolution of Rojava and passing the flag of the ideal of communism from hand to hand and keeping it alive.
Comrade Baran Serhat was a comrade who left a mark in the consciousness and heart of his people and revolutionary comrades of every organization. In Northern Kurdistan and in the Turkish metropolises, comrades of revolutionary organizations and parties in prison felt the sorrow and anger for the martyrdom of such a comrade who was dedicated to his cause.
Comrade Baran Serhat spent 14 years of his life in the prisons of Turkey. In the prisons, he always fought against the colonial fascist measures. He transformed the prison into a school. He organized and managed this time very well. He read, wrote, analyzed and shared. In full humility, he played music. He was certainly a versatile and productive comrade in every way. He was a communist man of the cause and a dedicated leader cadre. With these characteristics, he won the respect and love of his own comrades and the comrades of all other revolutionary organizations.
When he was released from the prison of the fascist Turkish colonial state, he immediately went about his duties without hesitation. Although he was in prison for many years, he had knowledge about the problems of the party, the people and the struggle. These issues were not difficult for him and he was not a stranger to them. His attachment and interest in the revolutionary struggle, organizing and life always had a high level with him.
Comrade Baran Serhat organized the socialist-patriotic line in Northern Kurdistan. After he was released from prison in 2014, he continued his work in Rojava. He fought for a free, independent, united and socialist Kurdistan. He carried the flag of socialism and communism against colonialism and capitalism in Kurdistan with firm faith.
Comrade Baran had led the struggle against the capitalist system and imperialist globalization with firm faith. The global imperialist powers are at the forefront and in the middle of the occupations, coups and wars in our region, Ukraine, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The existential crisis of capitalism and the struggle for hegemony of the imperialist global powers has reached a new level with the Ukraine war. The capitalist-imperialist system continues to feed on wars. It is the greatest enemy of humanity and nature. The same powers that have drenched our Kurdistan and the Middle East in blood for years are waging the war of occupation in Ukraine. It is those powers that are also the biggest obstacle to the independence, freedom and unity of Kurdistan and the equal and free life between the peoples. Comrade Baran was murdered in his struggle against the presence of the biggest enemy of humanity in Kurdistan, namely the capitalist-imperialist system, by the fascist Turkish colonial state, which is actively supported by these powers.
The Kurdistan Organization of MLKP continues to lead the struggle for a free Kurdistan with the same defiance and solidarity. It resolutely carries the flag of socialism and communism in Kurdistan against the colonial states of the region, the collaborators and global imperialist powers.
The line of socialist patriotism that Comrade Baran has led in Bakur and Rojava Kurdistan is spreading and enlarging among the people.
The Kurdish people, the peoples of the Middle East, the working class and the oppressed of Turkey will continue the struggle of Comrade Baran Serhat everywhere.

Comrade Baran Serhat is immortal!

Long live Rojava-Rojava!

Long live the united independent socialist Kurdistan!

March 19, 2022
Kurdistan Organization



The HBDH in action

March 12 marked the 6th anniversary of the founding of the Joint Armed Front HBDH (Peoples' Revolutionary United Movement). From the Medya Defense Zones, the two spokespersons of HBDH and KBDH (United Revolutionary Movement of Women), Hevi Sarya and Tekin Yoldaș saluted the victorious struggle against fascism.
On March 12, 2016, the establishment of the HBDH was announced in the Medya Defense Zones and Gazi workers' district in Istanbul. For the first time, a military front of revolutionary organizations from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan was formed, in which the historical and current experiences of struggling forces merge. The HBDH forms a preliminary stage for a joint revolutionary center in the country. The new year of struggle of the HBDH was initiated with a series of actions in March against various targets of fascism, such as an arson attack against the Ensar Foundation in Istanbul, which is loyal to the regime and is mainly known for systematic child abuse, or a hand grenade attack on special police units in Amed.

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