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Ukraine Appeal for Donations

UC France
"Let's help the communists of Ukraine!
Communist organizations in Ukraine need help. They are caught between an anti-communist state and the invading forces. Yet they play a vital role in assisting the victims of the war and in developing a positive way out of this conflict situation. Don't give in to the imperialists, help a Red Ukraine to emerge from this war!
Our comrade wrote to us yesterday:
"As you know, there is currently a war in Ukraine. Many normal people do not have enough food or basic hygiene products. We kindly ask to help them and to find money for basic expenses! These funds will go to those who need it the most.
Meanwhile, there were new airstrikes tonight... but they missed their targets, the missiles fell in the nearby forest."
To donate - Red Ukraine Solidarity paypal account -
All the money raised will be for the benefit of KSRD-Ukraine (Coordinating Council of the Working Class Movement, member of ICOR)"




We are going to do another one more apolitical, but we hope some militants will help us. 
Red salute !

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