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Workers of all countries of the Black Sea Region — let's lead together the anti — imperialist struggle

Statement of KSRD, MLKP, MLP und TKP-ML, March 2022


Joint statement


In recent years, political and military tensions have increased in the Black Sea region. This is due to the aggravation of contradictions between the imperialist countries and their blocs. In particular, some imperialist and fascist countries began an external expansion to assert their economic, political and military influence.


The aggression of Russian imperialism in Ukraine has been really important for the region, it has led to the occupation of Crimea and part of the Donbass by Russian troops and pro-Russian military formations. This destroyed the lives of millions of people in the occupied regions, throughout Ukraine, and in neighboring countries. Earlier in 2008, Putin's imperialism launched an open armed aggression in Georgia, and continues to occupy a part of that country. As in Ukraine, the occupied part of Georgia has turned into a disaster and fear zone for the working people, where puppet juntas are doing their arbitrariness.


In particular, in Crimea, the Crimean Tatar people are harshly suppressed due to attempts at organized nonviolent resistance, hundreds of Crimean Tatars are imprisoned. In general, a system of total control over all aspects of social and political life is being built on the peninsula.


On the other hand, the imperialists of the European Union and the United States also seek to increase their influence in the region. Today Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine depend on Western imperialism, and this has already led to a general deterioration in the living conditions of the working people, as well as to an increase in the share of anti-communism in the domestic politics of these countries. In Georgia and Armenia, Western imperialists continue to fight struggle for influence with the Putin regime.


In addition, Turkish expansionism is gaining momentum in the region. The fascist Erdogan regime is turning from a conductor of Western interests into an independent player who actively promotes its colonial interests in the international arena. This is expressed in the expansion of capital, and in political influence, and in the military intervention of the Turkish army abroad. It took a hidden part in the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, it operates in Afghanistan and Libya. Turkish forces are occupying parts of Syria and Rojava, and are also waging a protracted anti-people war in Northern Kurdistan.


All of the above means an increase in the military danger for the Black Sea region, a further increase in suppression on a national basis, class exploitation, a significant deterioration in the living conditions of ordinary people. Thus, at early 2022 the militarized imperialist conflict for control over Ukraine has sharply intensified. It has already led to a significant danger of war, threatening millions of working people with deprivation and death.

In such a situation, it is especially important to convey the possibility and necessity of a socialist social alternative and the revolution to the working class, and to all the peoples in the region. In this regard, it is important to debunk "patriotic" and other myths of bourgeois propaganda. These myths are designed to keep workers in the service of capitalism and its wicked deeds, including war. We reject any imperialism, because any imperialism brings misfortune and death!


To prevent wars of conquest, to fully overcome class exploitation, it is not enough to have some capitalists replaced in power by others of the same kind. It is necessary to fight in an organized way for the socialist alternative, for the revolutionary transformation of society. The antifascist and antiimperialist struggle of the peoples will pave the way for democratic and socialist revolutions and a regional revolutionary development in the Black Sea region.


Our Marxist-Leninist organizations represent countries directly related to the Black Sea region, and we are determined to jointly fight against the danger of war, against imperialist aggression – for the liberation of oppressed peoples, for the elimination of capitalist exploitation, for socialism!


Long live the socialist revolution!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



KSRD (Ukraine)

MLKP (Turkey / North Kurdistan)

MLP (Russia)

TKP-ML (Turkey)


The statement is open for signing by other parties and organizations

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