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Freedom for Palestine – Revolt is justified

Red Morning Oct. 10, 2023



The heroic and self-sacrificing struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and national and social liberation is an example for all oppressed people. Armed resistance to occupation is justified - even under international law of nations.

Ordinary people, Palestinian and Israeli, want a different life. But that can only be found when there are equal rights for all, when there are no more first- and second-class citizens. When reactionary illegal settlers can no longer go around killing with impunity in Palestinian villages. When the occupation is lifted. When the Gaza Strip is no longer the largest open-air prison in the world, where the Israeli government can turn on and off at will all public services and basically all living conditions at the push of a button - off, that is.

It is the inhumane living situation of Palestinians under Israeli oppression and the increasing violence of the illegal settlers that constantly produces new fighters for liberation.

By mobilizing the entire society to a state of war, the Netanyahu government is solving its problems for today and preparing to launch a new intensification of war against the Palestinian people. Israel is an apartheid state with the fascist Netanyahu leading the most reactionary government in its history. This Zionist state can only exist by bombing its neighbors into rubble every few years.

The recent attack on the occupiers of Palestinian territory led by the religiously fascist Hamas can have been no surprise to the home of the world's most advanced eavesdropping and spying industry. Nor is the trigger a surprise: the attempts by the reactionary regimes of Israel and Saudi Arabia to reach an agreement - at the expense of the Palestinians.

The haste with which all Western imperialists are expressing their support for Netanyahu's regime shows that they are not awake to concerns about resolving the Middle East conflict, but rather want to throw oil on the fire. The Israeli state is using Hamas, the ideal adversary, to set back Palestinian resistance for years and make the lives of hundreds of thousands more unlivable.

The governments of Western imperialist countries are jumping on Netanyahu's war-train to quell solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle. The survival of their bridgehead in the strategically important and oil-rich region comes before them. But in doing so, they are complicit in the mass murder Israel is committing.

However, freedom for Palestinians and justice for all ordinary working people in the region can only be fought in battle with the big capitalists, in battle with the imperialists of any country.

Hamas - founded in a gray past with the support of Israel itself - is supported by reactionary regimes: now by that of a regional imperialist: fascist Iran.

For the Hamas leadership, gaining or losing a military operation actually matters little: all that matters is their religious-fascist hold on the population - and the perception that they are the only ones doing something against the oppression and degrading treatment that has been going on for 75 years.

But that is not liberation. Liberation does not mean exchanging one dictatorship for another - it means social freedom and equality. Progress and a better life for the children. No imperialist and no religious-fascist

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