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One year of war in Ukraine

Resolution of the United Front Webinar on 12.2.2023


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Growing danger of world war: Active resistance urgently necessary!
Become a member of the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front!

The delivery of battle tanks to Ukraine by several NATO countries, the negotiations on the delivery of combat aircraft mean a new phase of increased danger of world war. The USA/NATO/EU are more and more directly involved in the war in Ukraine.
The struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russia's military aggression is completely legitimate and enjoys our solidarity support. However, the delivery of more and more offensive weapons to the reactionary Ukrainian government has not ended the war, but increases the risk of a Third World War!
Many people are concerned about the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the unleashed arms race in many countries, the militarization of society, and the increasing international military, political, and economic hostilities. A war for the redivision of the world is being unleashed by various imperialist powers, to which people and the natural environment are being sacrificed. Will we soon find ourselves under the bombs, on the front lines or on the run?
The masses do not want to pay for an imperialist war! But they often feel helpless and the confusion created by bourgeois politics is great.
We have to see clearly! We must change! Only an active, broad, cross-border resistance, only the perspective of socialism will prevent humanity from sinking into a world war, environmental disaster and misery.

Let us organize! The international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front makes the necessary struggle possible.
It organizes international actions on February 24, the anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine.
It organizes its first congress in Thuringia/Germany on September 5 and 6.
Until then we want to organize 100 organizations, but also individuals in the front.
Join us!

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