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Raise the Flag of Proletarian Internationalism Fight the Inter-Imperialist War in Ukraine Everywhere

MLKP International Bureau, 24 February 2023


The seeds of the current war were sown with the neo-fascist Maidan coup in 2014 by the US-led Western imperialism, which for many years violated the agreement not to include the former republics of Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact member states in NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

On the one hand, US/NATO imperialism aims to dismember the federative structure by arming and provoking the nations in the Russian geography, on the other hand, it wants to confine Russia and indirectly China to land by expanding its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

On the anniversary of the war, imperialist Russia, led by Putin as the representative of the oligarchs, suspended the New Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and declared that it would continue the war.

The year of war has killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of people, displaced millions more and made them refugees. The neofascist forces in Ukraine, which waged the war with billions of dollars in arms and financial support from Western imperialism, profited from the suffering of the peoples, as did the arms monopolies, which multiplied their profits.

Coming on the heels of the covid-19 pandemic, the war dealt another blow to the economic recovery in the world. While the war increased inflation worldwide, the food and energy crises, with capitalist speculation at the center, hit the working class and the oppressed in many countries.

The European Union has adopted a hypocritical attitude, especially on the issue of war refugees. Contrary to its attitude towards refugees from Syria and other geographies, it mobilized its resources by exploiting the solidarity feelings of the people.

The political Islamist fascist Erdogan regime used the war as a tool to alleviate its own political crisis. The fascist Turkish state has used the country's geographical location and previous contradictions to position itself as a de facto mediator between the West and Russia. It has reaped the rewards of blackmailing Sweden and Finland into joining NATO, blackmailing them to return political refugees, continuing to sell drones to Ukraine, and increasing mutual investments because it does not agree with the Russian sanctions. But of course, all this has not solved the Erdogan regime's political and economic crises.

While the fascist Ukrainian regime bloodily suppressed the right to self-determination of the peoples living in Donbass, the attempts to establish a political will here, which initially had a democratic popular character, gradually fell under the imperialist hegemony of Russia and lost its ability to represent the aspirations of the peoples for freedom.

Nevertheless, marxist leninists in principle support the right of oppressed peoples to self-determination under any circumstances and take a position in this direction in various political steps, including the referendum. The political freedom and self-determination of the peoples of Donbass depends only on the leadership of revolutionary forces not based on any imperialism and on a stronger internationalist solidarity.

The inter-imperialist war in Ukraine has historically brought the world sharply closer to a new world war in which the threat of nuclear weapons is very concretely involved.

In this whole picture, it has been seen once again that the representatives of the imperialist capitalist order from all sides, in economic stagnation, ideological decay and political turmoil, deepening the ecological collapse, have no option left to offer to humanity except war.

A consistent anti-imperialist line and struggle against attitudes that try to align the mass movements of the working class and oppressed of the world behind this or that imperialist or seek legitimacy in them by explaining the motivations behind the imperialists' war steps is the only thing that will stop this war that sheds the blood of the peoples. Parties and organizations claiming revolution and communism in all countries can gain the right to exist in solidarity among the peoples only by understanding the current course of action of imperialism.

Since the ultimate solution to the struggle for hegemony in a multipolar world between the imperialist powers of NATO/USA/EU, Russia and China and the aggressor countries that want to expand their sphere of action in the cracks between them will be based on military force, let us raise the class war to stop the inter-imperialist war. When we tell Russia to get out of Ukraine, let us oppose US/NATO imperialism's arming of the region, its warmongering, its economic sanctions that harm the peoples of Russia. These demands can only be the subject of a strengthened anti-imperialist struggle in every country. History calls on revolutionary vanguards to take up their most difficult historical task at this moment of the imperialist crisis.

24 February 2023


MLKP International Bureau

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