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Solidarity with the Palestinian people

NCP (Mashal) Nepal, 03 Nov 2023


  1. NCP Masal has been seriously concerned over the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army with the support of American imperialism. So, America is mainly responsible for the massacre. It is ironic that the same America that never gets tired of talking about human rights has been supporting the barbaric attack on the Gaza people.

  2. Israel claims that its attack on the Gaza people is in response to the October 7th attack by HAMAS in Israeli territory killing hundreds of people. Certainly, we don't justify the HAMAS attack on unarmed innocent people. In the same attack, ten Nepali students were killed and many people from various countries were taken as hostages. Still, a Nepali student Bipin Adhkari's condition is unknown as we don't know whether he is taken as hostage. We consider such an action of HAMAS as a terrorist as well as an unjust act. HAMAS does not truly represent the liberation movement of the Palestinian people. It is an Islamic terrorist organization and it has defamed and weakened the Palestinian liberation movement.

  3. HAMAS may justify its terrorist action by arguing that Israel has been committing the same atrocities against innocent people, including the people of Palestine. We condemn such actions of Israel, but on this basis, we cannot justify the HAMAS terrorist attack on the people whether Israeli or foreign living there.

  4. Israel's government is reactionary, fascist, and a puppet of American imperialism. Israeli citizens are also suppressed by this government and they too are resisting the suppression. Israeli government functions to fulfill the interests of American imperialism. So, the Israeli people's real interest lies in the liberation from American imperialism and the end of the present government. In this sense, there's no difference between the fundamental interests of Israel and the Palestinian people.

  5. Imperialist and reactionary forces are creating artificial discrimination and enmity between the Israelis and Palestinians, leading to the battle. So, only a true progressive and democratic national liberation movement can bring fraternity between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

  6. Palestinian people have the just rights to live there and liberate it too. They have the rights to resist the Israeli government attempts to deprive them of their mother land. Imperialist and reactionary forces around the world are trying to deprive them of their land. In this light, right thinking freedom lover people all over the world need to support their liberation movement.

  7. Palestinian people are living in many Gulf countries as refugees, and these countries have started to stop the Palestinian as refugees. So, the people of Gaza are compelled to live in an open jail. Now they are in dire situation because of the bombarding and seize of Gaza by land and air. Thousands of children and women are killed in the mayhem created by Israel. Israel has stopped the supply of water, fuels and even the food materials needed for survival. Hospitals are bombarded killing many injured and children. It is a cruel mockery of humanity that some reactionary forces, media and political parties from different countries are supporting Israeli actions.

  8. The question is not only of Palestinian or Gaza people, it is a testimony how the people across the countries are living under the black clouds of evil powers. People of other countries too can meet the same fate any time because of the present world imperialism and its agent client countries. So, we need to take cause of Palestinian people and crisis I Gaza as the crisis for entire humanity.

  9. The present situation in Gaza is the result of the wrong working style of HAMAS. Their terrorist working style has given pretext for the reactionary fascist government of Israel to unleash barbaric attack on Gaza people. The HAMAS has failed to take into consideration of the possible outcome of attack on 7th October, and also the way to face the retaliatory action by Israel.

  10. Ultra-leftist and terrorist elements make such mistakes and causing great harm to the people and the revolution. Same has happened in Gaza too.

  11. There is an urgent need to raise voice in favor of the liberation of the Palestinian people and against the atrocities on the people Gaza. Our party appeals to all right-thinking people all over the country to raise their voices against the Israeli attack on Gaza people and for the liberation of Palestinian people.


MB Singh

General Secretary

NCP (Mashal)

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