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The leader of the terrorist movement En-Nahdha incites Tunisians to civil war

Declaration on behalf of the PPDS, Tunis on April 17, 2023


In a declaration announced yesterday by the terrorist Rashid Ghannouchi, the leader of En-Nahdha movement in his meeting of what is called “Salvation Front”, that “Tunisia without En-Nahdha and without political Islam is a civil war project”, which is so dangerous declaration that it could make the country, overnight, a sea of Tunisians’ blood as a result of the inciting message implied in this statement and addressed to criminal “Muslim Brothers’ herd”, those who have mastered and practiced murder, terrorism and chaos along their history. Following this announcement, the terrorism Sheikh has been arrested today by Anti-Terrorism Squad. The Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party, in addition to the fact that it salutes and supports this arrest, it:

  1. Denounces to an extreme extent the persistence of people and nation’s enemies, especially those who are affiliated with the so called “Salvation Front”, with the reactionary proxy party, En- Nahdha movement, on the top of them, on conspiring against the security of Tunisians and the sovereignty of country, and calling by all means to devastate the country, horrify people and perpetuate corruption; and considers what has been said by the terrorist Ghannouchi as an imminent danger and serious threat to the people and nation.

  2. Calls the judicial authorities for more rapidity and firmness in fighting corruption and terrorism and finishing the pending cases, especially the case of assassination of the two martyrs Belaiid and Brahmi, the Deportation Case and so on of the crimes and betrayals committed by Ghannouchi and his followers.

  3. Reminds that despite the importance of security issue, it should not distract us off continuing the struggle for accelerating the solving of economic and social problems and all the issues of Tunisian People.

Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party

General Secretary: Nouri Bettoumi


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